For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lule On 2007.11.29 09:43
does any body know any organisations that help PD patients ? reply thanks.

By annwood On 2007.11.29 19:12
Call the Council on Aging. If it is an advanced case Hospice will help. They pay for all of my husbands meds and supplies.

By lule On 2007.12.05 08:33
Annwood sent me a e-mail on how to get free PD medicines and support. unfortunately i do not have the address or telephone number. does any body has the conatcts ?

By annwood On 2007.12.05 09:51
Hi, Lule

The Council on Aging is a State/County thing so look it up in the telephone book under County Offices. Hospice is alo a local organization. Ask the physician fora referral and they take it from there.

By lule On 2007.12.05 10:55
Ann Im very far away from you, I leave in Nairobi Kenya - E.Africa. thanks for your help!!

By annwood On 2007.12.05 12:10
I am not sure of your resources there but Hospice is worldwide. Ask the physician. They ar sometimes run by churches also. Good luck!

By lule On 2007.12.10 09:11
Ann thanks very much for your support. please if you come accross address for such organisation I will be greatful.

God bless


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