For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jockdoc On 2007.12.04 20:22
Let me vent. Barb has been in the hospital for one month as of today. On the 4th of November she
he was admitted with severe PD spasm's in her left thigh. On the 7th she was discharged to go home pain free. That same evening she fell breaking her right clavical on the distal end. This fracture caused her little problem, so in one week they transfered her to a Rehab Unit.(We were over-joyed) As soon as they started pushing her performance she developed a pain in her right hip. Small to start but quickly advanced to the unbeareable stage. On exercise she would cry and scream, they pushed on because early xrays were negative. Finally after 23 days they did on the urging of our family doc they did a c-t scan. They found a broken and displaced right hip. The ball was completely missing from the joint. A repacement surgery followed that evening. How's that for venting? She will return to Rehab tomorrow from the surgical ward. Jock Doc and Barb

By LouAnn On 2007.12.04 21:24
Dear Jocdoc and Barb,

That venting surely was warranted; the indifference to Barb's excruciating pain is inexcusable. Sometimes we don't "make waves" when we need to (speaking for myself), but I'm glad the reason for this terrible time was discovered. Too much, too much ... take care of yourselves, and please let Barb know that she is in many hearts and prayers. Lou Ann

By Gidbud On 2007.12.04 22:29

I read your posts and for what it is worth you and Barb are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Hang in there, man. - Bruce

By annwood On 2007.12.04 22:50
I am so happy that things are going better for you and Barb. It has certainly been a month! Not only are we caregivers but we also have to be strong, assertive advocates. I have physicians who don't even want to talk to me because my husband is dying and I have been such a "bitch" when I felt he was not getting appropriate care. I think you and I are in the same boat much of the time.

As I have read your posts this past month it seems as if you have not gotten much rest. You know that has to happen or you won't be able to continue. I think that falls under the category of "do as I say, not as I do". I keep thinking there will be time to rest later.

I think of the two of you throughout the day and hope you are doing better. Glad to hear it is. Prayers to you and Barb.

By kuttlewis On 2007.12.05 09:07
Isn't it ironic that hospitals are supposed to be places where patients get better? Instead, they ignore pain, ignore commonsense measures, ignore basic hygiene. When John was in the geriatric psychiatric ward for 56 days, they did not brace his foot even though I requested it. By the time they discharged him, because I would not allow electroshock therapy, his ankle had permanently twisted in one direction, making it nearly impossible for him to walk. Luckily, we found a brilliant brace person who designed a contraption that is attached to his shoe. All the psychiatrists on that floor would run and hide the minute they saw me. If I ever meet them in a dark alley....

Jockdoc and Barb, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I've not met any of you on this forum, but you've all become such close friends. Thank you.

By Pearly4 On 2007.12.05 18:07
Venting is always welcome and necessary. I thought a displaced fracture of the hip would cause rotation and leg length discrepency - surprised somebody wouldn't notice. At any rate, you're past it. I read something when I first brought my mother home somewhere that said the best thing Parkies could do for themselves is to stay out of ER's and away from hospitals! Seemed like strange advice but I see the value in it now!

Good luck and heartfelt prayers for both.

By Pick On 2007.12.05 20:13
I'm glad to hear Barb was finally properly diagnosed. What troopers you both are. I hope it provides even some small comfort for Barb knowing she's got some major league fans cheering her on...praying for on the forum.

On a more pragmatic note, I want to let people know that the impression my dad's physiatrist has given me is that hip fractures are not as easy to diagnose as one may think. I don't say this to excuse the medical staff that allowed Barb to suffer in pain (i mean a displaced hip, come ON!), but to warn everyone. Last Jan. my dad had a bad fall and even though the X-rays showed nothing unusual, his physiatrist kept ordering additional tests because my dad was still in excruciating pain. This doctor knew from experience that some fractures are very difficult to see on Xrays and scans. They never did find anything and eventually with rest the pain did go away. But it was very educational for me. Listen to the patient, not test results.

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