For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By kuttlewis On 2007.12.12 08:10
I sent in the application for Medicaid for the third or fourth time on Tuesday last week. Received an affirmation on Saturday. On Monday, I talked to John's social worker who referred us to Palmetto Health SeniorCare (too close to John's doctors at Palmetto Senior Care). Today, we had a two-hour consult. Just a little while ago, I got a call from them and they want to take John tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday for his trial period from 8:45 to 2:45.

This means they will pick him up in the morning after breakfast. Then he will be evaluated by the on-site doctor, physical, speech, and occupational therapists. They will supervise his medicine (it will be from their pharmacy). He will be with about 40 other people ranging from 55 - 106 years old. He can join in activities, outings, or choose quiet time. In the evening, he will be brought home. He will also have dental and vision check-ups. When the time comes, they will provide him with a wheel chair.

I'm allowed ten days of respite leave per year, during which time John will be in a nursing home. This program is free of charge under Medicaid and has existed in Columbia (for Richland and Lexington counties) for nearly 20 years).

On Monday, I will go in for a longer interview with everybody there. After December 20, two people will come to our house to make an evaluation of what else John might need in the house.

This service is provided until John dies. That was, by the way, my question to the social worker, weeks ago, in desperation: What happens if I drop dead today? Without Medicaid, the burden is on the family. With it, Medicaid takes care of everything. People have said this program is the best-kept secret in Columbia.

The center is about 5 blocks from here on Millwood Road. They take people 55 or older. They are trying to get approval to start centers for those between 29 and 54, as that number is growing. It should be available in every county.

It's unbelievable. Let's hope John likes it. He was positive during the interview and really excited. But now, the fact that he's going, he's a bit nervous.

I will have my first doctor's appointment in 1.5 years tomorrow and join friends at the Trinity Cathedral for their annual community carol singing.

Please keep your fingers crossed that John will love it and keep praying for us. This is the third glimmering of light in a long, dark, and exhausting tunnel. The first was the gift of great friends and family. The second was the gift of home care three times a week.

Isn't this great?

By superdue On 2007.12.12 11:27
I so happy for you........Now do something good and fun for yourself! You deserve it

By Pearly4 On 2007.12.13 05:51
I've been so afraid of filing my mother's papers again - afraid of more complications in our lives, but given your message, I guess I'll go ahead. Maybe we'll have the same success.

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