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By punky On 2007.12.15 12:34
Reminding my friends that we all have good days and really, really BAD days. Today is one of those bad days for me! Don't know why except to chalk it up to fatigue, exhaustion, overwork, under pay, no thanks, loneliness, isolation and all the rest we caregivers live with day by day.

Everything he does today and the way he does (or doesn't!) do it makes me angry and resentful - the way he talks, the way he shuffles along, the way he stares into space, the way he drums his fingers on the arm of the chair, the way he chews and chews and chews, the way he takes short naps every 1/2 hour or so .... I love the old guy but have days where I feel like he can't do anything right! More the shame on me! I work really hard at hiding it and staying out of his way as much as I can.

Just thought it might be helpful to those of you who have these bad days as well to hear we're not alone. Tomorrow will be a new day and we'll move on with the help of God and our friends!

By kuttlewis On 2007.12.15 15:21
Oh punky, I am having a similar day, but cheered up when his sister called up and told me what a good job I've done. Another call from a friend put my mind on other things. Can you talk to somebody?

By colettem On 2007.12.15 23:35
Today I found that I was really irritated by people around that asked what seemed to me dumb questions about my mom and her condition. Aargh. So this post helped me to keep it all in perspective, all those reasons punky mentioned definitely add up. It's amazing to me how you all do it day in and day out. I come to visit mom for 3 weeks and get so overwhelmed. It wasn't a terribly bad day for me but I'm definitely low on patience today.

By Barb Gates On 2007.12.28 13:33
Punky, I really love your comments and I know exactly what you are referring to. I have decided that this is my lesson in life. I am not a patient person. I am use to going from one project to another and never slowing down. I have learned that because my husbands movements are slow and I don't want him to fall I will slow down and wait for him. One of the things he does is open the gate when we drive home. Yes, I could hop out of the car and open it faster, but it is better if I just have the patience to wait for him to do it. He is also slow at eating. I always finish ahead of him. I serve him first so he can get started and then I clear my dishes and I am still waiting for him, I just let him finish at his own pace. I also take him to the grocery store with me, I find that if he holds on to the basket he can walk along the end of the isles while I run up and down them. This gives him a small amount of excercise. When we arrive home I do not let him carry in the heavier sacks, but he can manage some of the lighter ones. I find that I am adjusting to the situation as it is and I am certainly learning patience. Just look at what you are doing, I suspect you are doing better than you think. You need to give yourself a gold star.

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