For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jockdoc On 2007.12.18 16:35
Dear friends, I brought Barb home today from the hospital. We both are very pleased to be home. As you may know she fell breaking her right shoulder and right hip. The hip requiried surgery to replace the Ball into the socket.
Everything at the hospital and rehab went well except the Meds handling was terrible. Now that she's home we'll get that straightened out. Jock Doc and Barb

By Pearly4 On 2007.12.18 19:24
Welcome home Jackdoc and Barb! I'm sure it's a relief and I hope you have a well deserved REST now that you're home! Happy Holidays!

By annwood On 2007.12.18 21:58
Welcome home and I am glad things straightened out for you. It was certainly a rough six weeks but you made it! It will be so nice to be home for the Holidays.

By grazia On 2007.12.19 15:27
JockDoc, I wish you and Barb a Merry Christmas and a lucky 2008 !! Im glad you are both at home, now things will hopefully get easier for the two of you. Hugs and take care...

By Pick On 2007.12.20 05:44
Welcome home to Barb and Merry Christmas to you both. Pick

By trapper On 2007.12.20 21:54
Happy to hear that Barb is back home.

Have a blessed Christmas, and all the best for you two in the New Year!

By Barb Gates On 2007.12.28 13:41
Please get as many calories in her as possible. My husband dropped to 108 lbs from about 150. He currently weighs about 118. I have fed him milkshakes which he is able to consume. I know that this disease also affects swallowing. Does Barb have this issue? I also watch him and I know if I leave the room he will dispose of his meal. I need to be constantly encouraging and doing what ever is needed to get him to take in nourishment. Hang in there.

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