For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By burdman On 2007.12.18 17:37
Just signed on today for first time. Have been wanting to reach out but wasn't sure which way to turn. Have been browzing the current postings and have gained so much more insight. My wife symptoms began approximately one year ago and onset has been very rapid. The hardest part of this has been not know what lies ahead. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with all of you and will have many questions in the days to come.

By Pearly4 On 2007.12.18 19:23
Welcome! While I care for my mother, there are many who have spoueses with Parkisnons' and who will, I'm sure, have lots to share with you. Check in whenever you can and feel free to ask questions, share stories or just plain vent!

By jockdoc On 2007.12.18 19:39
Welcome burdman. We are glad to have you "on board." There's much going on here at the Forum with some occassional lapses. Just don't lose patience, we always return. For many of us it's our Support Group. Jock Doc and Barb

By annwood On 2007.12.18 21:57
Welcome burdman. I hope that you continue with us - we are always here for each other and as previously posted we have first hand experience with many aspects of PD. My husband was diagnosed 18 yrs ago and he remained relatively stable until 3 yrs ago when he had deep brain stimulation surgery (DBS). It did not go well for him and he developed dementia which has progressed rapidly since that time. No two PD patients are the same so don't become frightned with some of the posts. For me this IS my support group. Unless you are living with this disease you can never appreciate the various aspects. I hope that you find the comfort here that I have.

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