For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Pearly4 On 2007.12.18 19:30
Here we are, happy and relieved to have gotten my mother regularly attending a day center where she's well care for, and finally making friends and seeming to enjoy life again (at least for two days a week), and we've bumped up against that infernal medication dispensing wall again -- new nurse on site has decided she must have a rigid medication schedule with signed exact orders from her doctor before meds can be given though we've been setting them up ourselves and sending a locked medication timer/dispensor with her for 9 months now.

I sent a letter informing her that Parkinson's patients meds change frequently and without warning, that her doctor is fully informed and agrees with how we are giving them, included the bottles with prescription lables intact so that she could verify the meds were correct if she wished -- like talking to a brick wall. She could only repeat again what she said before. "We need orders and a schedule". Ok, that's great, but (a) you're only part time and not there when monring meds are dispensed and staff doesn't remember to give them without the timer, and (b) can't you read, or are you just ignoring my letter? Now what?! I'm going to the director of the center tomorrow to try to straighten it out.

By sooboo On 2007.12.18 20:42
I so feel your pain. Oh boy do I know about rules!!! My mom lives in assisted living and they will not give her an aspirin without an order from her doctor. It drives me up that wall. Recently, she was constipated and I had to call the doctor three times to get them to fax an order saying she could take an over the counter medication for it. The doctor didn't want to fax the order because it's an over the counter medication. Since I know her facility will not give her a medication unless there's an order, I have to argue their stupid rule to the doctor. All of her PD meds had to be sent back to the pharmacy and repackaged (for a fee) because they only accept them in these bubble containers where each pill is popped out individually. Every time there is a medication change, I have to get it in writing and new pills have to be ordered and packaged properly. I would say beg, plead, bribe, but get out of doing it if you can. If not, follow the orders to the letter. The one thing I've learned from this particular headache, is if you do it right, you only have to do it once.

By annwood On 2007.12.18 21:51
I know exactly what you are talking about and I am a nurse. When I had my husband in the nursing home for a month his mediations were such a mess that it took a week's hospital admission to get him straightened out. In my experience you will never get them to change their attitudes. It is such a shame but as we all have come to know nurses and physicians know very little about PD. Good luck.

By Pearly4 On 2007.12.20 19:38
Well I had a short talk with the Administrator who agreed there was a misunderstanding and then talked wtih the nurse. We've agreed to leave the meds in the timer/dispensor and I'll get copies of the labels for her - they wanted them ON the dispensor but I don't thing that will work, so I suggested putting them on a zip lock bag and the dispensor in the bag -- we're pushing the limits but they agreed to it. Turns out there was a major error on my part - we got medication orders from her general med doc but missed the neurologist - they'll wait until we see him on January 2 because the orders on those bottles don't match the dosages she's on now. I guess it's all going to work out for now - I'm glad we don't have to worry about all the other dosages throughout the day! It's the biggest part of my worries of her going into a nursing home. I know you'll all understand when I say I wish she just doesn't live long enough to end up in one.

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