For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By 44dolorous On 2007.12.24 14:44
Can anyone recommend an electric typewriter or a computer with an appropriate keyboard that can be used by a PD patient who can no longer write longhand?

By Pearly4 On 2007.12.25 08:07
Not sure what you mean by appropriate. I've tried an electric typewriter with my mother - she uses it like a manual and struggles and I've debated just getting her a manual typewriter but she seems to use it once, maybe twice, and then wants nothing more to do with it for a year or so. I've tried email -- I have to sit with her at all times for her to get it done. Not sure where the problem is - she'll sort formulate a sentence, type it in but if she makes a typo, forgets what she was saying and in the end develops a writers block, I guess!

Last thought I had was one of the speech recognition programs - they have to be trained to understand your voice so theoretically it would learn to understand any speech problems she has, but not sure she'd follow through with it.

She'll dictate to me once in a while but not often. Bottom line, I think that's the only answer for us -- someone to transcribe what she dictates and keep her moving in her thoughts.

By punky On 2007.12.28 09:23
I wouldn't try too many new and innovative ways to encourage your mom to write. I think the problem might be with her inability to stick with an idea for any length of time as much as her inability to put words on paper. My husband has such difficulty pulling up the right word when he's trying to say something that it clearly is very frustrating for him. I think he just gives up trying. Speaking, writing, walking, laughing ... all the things most of us do without even thinking require the PD patient to work so hard to accomplish. This constant effort and stress is a constant, never-ending reminder of how life has changed for them. They can still think their thoughts but imagine not being able to express them! I do believe the dictating to someone would be the most helpful as it will "keep her moving in her thoughts".

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