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By Pearly4 On 2007.12.31 19:08
Here's hoping we all manage to cope with and weather all that life throws at us in 2008!

By annwood On 2007.12.31 19:26
Happy New Year to All of My PD Buddies! We made it through another year - no small accomplishment. I wish for peace, health and love for all of you.

By kuttlewis On 2008.01.01 08:50
Happy new year, everybody, although the real new year starts on February 7 - the Year of the Rat, the beginning of a new 12-year cycle.

When midnight came, I felt relief that 2007 was finally over. Let's cross our fingers that 2008 will be a bit easier? Who am I kidding?

By number1daughter On 2008.01.01 13:23
I felt the same way when the clock struck 12 am.... Who knows what this year will hold. I feel down hearted without the usual excitement a new year brings with it....
Let's hope we will all be pleasantly surprised and happily enjoy this new year.

By annwood On 2008.01.01 15:40
We can always hope that 2008 will be better. I was just so glad to see 2007 behind me!! I must admit that the Holidays were misersable and that I found myself resenting all the good cheer and celebration. I sat here alone last night watching my husband fade away and wondered what I had ever done to deserve this. I had a real "pity party". Today I feel better.

By jockdoc On 2008.01.01 20:35
Barb is back in the hospital. I'm so weak that I can no longer care for her. She will be going into a special care facility soon. This has all happened very quick. Jock Doc and Barb

By sooboo On 2008.01.01 23:10
Jockdoc, I am so sorry to hear this. You are in my prayers. My mom went to the ER on the 30th and remains in the hospital. She is too weak to open her eyes and is taking her PD meds through her nose. This was very sudden too. They don't know what is wrong with her. I hope 2008 is a better year for all of us.

By annwood On 2008.01.01 23:51
Dear Jockdoc, I know how very hard this must be for you - you and Barb have fought a brave fight. You musn't view this as a failure but rather another step along the way in this terrible disease. Now you will be able to get your rest and be with Barb in the facility. Let others do the hard work and you can be there to support her. It sounds as if many of us are coming to the end of this and it is so very hard. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you.

By colettem On 2008.01.02 13:01
I'm also sad to hear about Barb and feel the same as many of you about the new year. I was at a party with friends and the question going around was "What are you looking forward to in 2008?" and I had no answer. I couldn't even make up one. I wonder if people thought I was just being a killjoy but that was the honest truth. I'm sad about Barb going to a care facility and even though my mom is in one and we're managing as best as we can, it still is about the last option anyone wishes for and makes the whole difficult disease even more depressing. I have to add though, that there are a few excellent and caring nurses who have been bright spots in our situation. Johnna often sits with mom and asks her about her past and Tess brings her oranges and grapes. One time, after asking Johnna about how mom was doing, she started to cry and I was so touched by her compassion. It does help to share the burden and I hope that, Jockdoc, you'll find these angels in your facility as well.

By Pick On 2008.01.02 13:27
I'm also very sad to hear about Barb, JockDoc and annwood's husband. And I too find it difficult to look at 2008 with optimism. Maybe we can all take comfort in the fact that we somehow survived 2007. A year ago if someone had told me what was in store for 2007 I would've said "I'll never make it". But I did.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Happy New Year.

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