For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jockdoc On 2008.01.07 22:30
Jock Doc collapsed last week and cannot any longer care for Barb. She is in a skilled care facility permanently. I will write more next week when I get recovered from the exhaustion. Jock Doc and Barb

By RhondaM On 2008.01.08 08:11
So sorry to hear this. I will lift you both up in prayer. May you find peace in God.


By kuttlewis On 2008.01.08 09:25
Dear Jock Doc and Barb,
I am so sorry. I feel close to collapsing myself. It's strange but the more people help, the more exhausted I feel. It's like when some of the burden is lifted, you begin to realize how heavy the burden was in the first place. Please get lots of rest. My prayers are with both of you.

By grazia On 2008.01.08 15:27
JockDoc, rest as much as you can..I am convinced you will soon find again phisical and psycological strength and you will be able to care for Barb in a different way...Hugs!

By punky On 2008.01.08 18:29
Don't sell yourself short Jockdoc ... you have been and will continue to care for Barb. You know, probably more than most people, that emotional support is at least as important as the physical! And who of us knows how much the emotional support; the love; the concern; the sharing of pain makes our PD patients' burden easier to carry? Don't put your most important and needed contributions for Barb's care down. When you are able to be up and around again, just sit next to her bed and hold her hand. She'll feel you there and she needs you there! God Bless

By Pearly4 On 2008.01.08 18:33
I can only add my prayers for you and Barb

By trapper On 2008.01.09 00:49
Our thoughts and prayers are with you jockdoc!

By Pick On 2008.01.09 05:46
Hang in there, JockDoc. We're all pulling for you!

By colettem On 2008.01.09 17:11
My heart goes out to you. May there be rest in the midst of all the changes you're facing.

By annwood On 2008.01.09 20:08
I am thinking of you and Barb. Our paths have mirrored one another for the past few months and I feel a connection to both of you.

My huband lost his battle with PD yesterday morning at 12:15 AM. He fought it so very long but when he told me he was tired of fighting I knew what was coming. I am sad and relieved - you know what I mean.

Last night I slept for 8 straight hours. It will take some time to catch up on rest. I hope that you are doing better. Hugs and prayers.

By Mathshark On 2008.01.09 22:05
I am sorry to hear about this recent turn of events. I hope you are soon back to strong health, and my thoughts and prayers are both with you and your wife.
Wishing you all the best -

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