For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jsmitch On 2008.01.21 11:15

Welcome back! I won't bother you with the minutia of what was wrong suffice it to say it has been a struggle of epic proportions getting software and data restored. I don't think we have lost anything.

Thank you for your patience.

Jim Smitchger
Forum Manager

By Gidbud On 2008.01.21 12:45

Thanks so much for your diligence in getting the forum back on line. I have worked in Information Technology for 20+ years and know how difficult it is to recover a database. Well done to you and your team. This forum is a much-needed virtual community for so many.

a.k.a. Gidbud

By punky On 2008.01.21 13:15
Absolutely correct! I've missed it terribly and worried about all my friends and neighbors!

By annwood On 2008.01.21 14:55
Thank you for working so hard. I so needed to talk to my "community" and I felt very isolated.

By Pearly4 On 2008.01.21 16:43
Computers are the pitz! Thanks for all your work.

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