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By rajenriver On 2008.01.28 05:17
My husband has POA for my FIL. I have contacted Medicare multiple times with the main purpose of getting his address changed to ours. The last CSR I talked to just didn't seem to get what I was talking about. All I wanted was a fax# to send the POA papers along with a request to change the address. She sent me papers to fill out that looked more like the HIPA paperwork, not those that you would fill out as a caretaker. Has anyone else worked with Medicare regarding obtaining caretaker access with them?

By rajenriver On 2008.01.28 05:37
Well, I started digging into the Medicare website FAQ's section and found that we need to contact Social Security and become the "Representative Payee". We are already in the process of doing this so I guess we are on the right track. We went to SS the week after Christmas to try to get this taken care of and they messed up the paperwork. They have my husband's name and my FIL's name mixed up in a few places on that form that was sent to my FIL's Physician. We need to go to SS to get that corrected. Why does this need to be so difficult!

By kuttlewis On 2008.01.28 07:27
I did all the paperwork for my husband. SS would send back letters that had the caseworker's telephone number. When I tried to ring her, the voicemail said her mailbox was full. I never did reach her by telephone. So, the next time I went to SS, I made sure I had the person's name and telephone number.

By Newcaregiver On 2008.01.28 11:13
When I was the primary caregiver (official guardian) for my father who had Alzheimer's disease, I found that going in to the Social Security office was the best approach. They were very good at telling me all that was required. Then when I returned with the paperwork and documentation, they let me circumvent the long office (you know...take a number) wait by requesting the person with whom I had originally worked. Of course, all of those governmental requirements take so long, but I felt that it worked best to talk with them in person. Hope this helps somewhat.

By rajenriver On 2008.01.28 12:50
We did go in person the first time. We spent almost 2 hours in the office sitting and working with one of their reps. Luckily, we brought all of his documentation with us so we could prove that we were legit. SS won't take POA, rather they have their own interview process. The form that got messed up was the one that was sent to my FIL's Dr. by the SS. It was prefilled with all my FIL's personal information along with my husbands name and address info. I am guessing that it was to verify my FIL's condition. His Dr. sent it to us because the document requested signatures from my husband. When my husband started going through the document, we found that multiple times, SS had switched my husband's name and my FIL's name. I am hoping that everything is still correct on SS's system, but the computer just printed the form wrong.

My husband has the name and extention of the SS rep that worked with us and has tried to make multiple contacts. We are just going to have to take vacation again and head back over in person to make sure that nothing was messed up. Hopefully it won't be too busy when we go back and we will be able to work with the same person.

The whole reason we had to go to SS was because they quit paying his Medicare part D premium back in March. We got a bill from his prescription drug plan for the whole years worth of premiums. He changed his bank account a year ago because he thought medicare was putting money in his account in order to prove he was "cheating the system". It messed up his SS automatic deposit and I am guessing that it messed up having his part D premium payment, too. This all feeds into his conspiracy theory that Medicare is in cahoots with all the Drs because he is "cheating the system" and the Dr's know how to fix him, but won't and that he really does not have PD. Yikes! I am glad that we are the ones to deal with this and not him!

I think!?!

By rajenriver On 2008.01.28 12:55
By they way everyone, thanks for your advice. I started looking at my post and I was ranting again!! I woke up at 3:30 in the morning this morning worrying about all of this so I'm a little tired. Boy things are so much worse at night when you wake up worrying. I started thinking about what the stock market has done recently and whether my husband and I will have enough$$$ to take care of ourselves when we get to that point in life. It is so expensive and I can only hope that our kids will stay by us in the process!! Hopefully we will not be a burden to them!

By Newcaregiver On 2008.01.28 13:24
I remember how you are feeling so well! My father lived in another state and it was becoming apparent that something was wrong. By the time I figured out that he was psychotic I had to work through that state system to get guardianship. I had tried years previously (when he was in a good state of mind) to get him to move here with us, but he didn't want to budge). I remember just thinking I couldn't cope with all the legal paperwork, the flights every month while trying to work full-time and go to school! I understand just how you are overwhelming no matter what the circumstances. I would wake up at night and couldn't sleep either....I know just how you are feeling. I remember that my father's psychiatrist was much more concerned for how I was doing dealing with his alzheimer's disease. It was very comforting to know that he was aware of how insurmountable the responsibility is. He suggested to try and treat the daily problems with humor. that could be hard, but worked many times. Good luck to you and vent away!

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