For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Pearly4 On 2008.01.29 19:19
Anyone heard anything from them?

By jockdoc On 2008.01.30 11:24
Thanks Pearly4. Barb is now in a Nursing Home near where we live. She has been there for nearly a month and seems to be adjusting. I (Jockdoc) am not doing very well. I've been in the hospital 3 times because of total exhaustion.

Since last Monday I have been improving. My family Doc found how little sleep I was getting and has now put me on a short "tether." I can now only visit her once a day for 30 minutes at a time. Barb has taken this well. We both know she has little time left. She eats very little and chokes on nearly bite.(She refuses a feeding tube') She's has lost over 40 pounds.

Please pray for us. Jock Doc and Barb

By Newcaregiver On 2008.01.30 11:46
My heart goes out to you both of you. Please try and rest. I would bet that AnnWood, on our forum, will understand firsthand what you are going through.

By RhondaM On 2008.01.30 12:17
So sorry to hear this. You have been a fortress of faith, hope and strength for all of us over the years. Please take care of yourself, and trust that Barb is being well cared for, too, and she would want you to rest and regain strength. Your love for each other has been so obvious.

My prayers.


By ja On 2008.01.30 15:13
I am sad to hear this. A day does not pass by that I do not think of you and Barb. Your story has given me strength to keep going, to accept the things that we cannot change, to adjust - thanks belong to both of you! Take care of yourself.

By Pearly4 On 2008.01.30 16:44
You've been in my prayers and thoughts for a while now. I hope you're taking care of yourself more now and gaining some strength yourself. Barb is being taken care of and I'm sure she misses you as much as you miss her - I'm hope your tether will be lengthened shortly and you'll be back together but you MUST take care of yourself -- that's what you would tell us and that's what we're telling you!


By annwood On 2008.01.30 22:23
Dear Jockdoc,
How are paths have paralleled. I am so sorry to hear about Barb. My husband, who passed away on 1/8/08 had the same problems. He finally got to where he would choke and aspirate on everything, even water. We declined the feeding tube in October. It is so difficult to watch. We have taken care of them for so very long and then all of a sudden there is nothing we can do. I have thought and prayed for both of you because I felt things were not going well. You have been so caring and helpful to all of us - let us take care of you for awhile! You must get rest - there will be so much to do later. As I recall you have close friends that you were able to talk with over coffee. I am finding my friends to be a blessing. Let them be there for you. I am sad and I miss my husband - not the way he had become but the man before PD. The journey was rough but I am slowly recovering. I went to my physician on Monday. Told her I had been a caregiver and my body was a mess. We are working on a few problems and I have returned to the gym for exercise. Having so much free time is strange. I still find myself looking at my watch, thinking there is something I have to do. Please give my regards to Barb and tell her I am praying for her.

By sooboo On 2008.01.30 23:30
I am so sorry to hear that Barb's situation has changed. Your devotion to her is inspiring but it sounds like it has come at a high price. Please take care of yourself and get the rest you need and deserve. You and Barb are in my prayers.

By Dreamer On 2008.01.31 07:44
I am so sorry that the PD has taken this toll on you and your sweet wife. My heart goes out to you as do the prayers of my family. I also hope and pray for a cure.

By Hattie On 2008.02.01 21:27
I am saddened to hear that you and Barb are having tough times. You've both been towers of strength to the rest of us and taught us how to deal with this disease in the best possible way. May God be with you and Barb and may you feel His peace. Hattie

By trapper On 2008.02.01 23:43

God bless you and Barb.

You have been an inspiration to so many of us.

By grazia On 2008.02.02 07:04
JockDoc, I will never forget what you did when I posted about my father's death....Your wearing a carnation flower in his memory...Now it is maybe your turn to cross that sad road, watching your wife fading away: you have been so strong during all these years, please keep this strength now too, and your faith will help you to live the most difficult days. I always remember you and Barb, my thought goes to you now, please dont lose hope and know that you have been such a great husband for yr wife....A hug..

By kuttlewis On 2008.02.02 10:39
JockDoc, please hang in there.

By Pick On 2008.02.03 15:57
I was very saddened to read this. You have been such a source of inspiration and wisdom to me, JockDoc, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that sentiment. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I will ask God to provide comfort and strength for you both.

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