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By Ilovemydog On 2008.01.30 17:36
Just wondering if anyone is taking this medication. My dad has been on it for about a year now,,,1 pill a day.
Now they give you a list of foods that you are not allowed to have on it,,,most of them odd things that he would never eat, then there are some sort of beans, draft beer, and some non pasterized cheeses. Now since I love to cook , I have always used different kinds in my meatballs etc. , so he has had a small amount of these cheeses over the past few months, with no side affects due to the azelect.
I 've always been a health conscious cook but just recently switched to a whole wheat pasta. Since my dad wants pasta constantly I told my whole family that I would cook pasta 2 or 3 times a week if they eat the whole wheat. They are happy.
Last week he decides to grate some cheese on his pasta,,,,was hardly any at all.
He tells me today he was sick from it. Now I don't think he was that sick,,,he never stopped eating his candy.
I tried to explain to him that it is prob the whole wheat pasta it will make you go to the bathroom,,NO NO NO,,,,I don't know anything,,,,just a dumb housewife,,,LOL
So I made this absolutely delicious Skillet Lasagna tonight , didn't call for that type of cheese,,,,,,let's see what happens.
Anyone want the recipe,,,let me know!!


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