For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lule On 2008.02.04 02:16
Is there any better nedicine than sinament ?


By Pick On 2008.02.04 15:16
Hi lule,

I have never thought of any Parkinson's medication as being better or worse than another. My impression is that they all have benefits as well as potentially negative side effects. A lot of that varies from patient to patient. What might be the "best" medicine for you could be the "worst" choice for another patient. Also, what might be the "best" for you now, could be bad for you 5 years from now.

Sorry that's not much of an answer. I think we all wish things were different.


By Pearly4 On 2008.02.04 17:06
Sinemet is the old standard and still good but .........see above, Pick is right on.

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