For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jockdoc On 2008.12.20 20:11
I just had to write a note to all you Hero's out there on the Forum before 2009. 2008 has been a hard year for Jock Doc. I hav e had both beautiful and ugly things happen to me this year.Barbs passing almost killed me. I'm now slowly getting better day by day.
Barb was in so much pain those last days it hurt me in ways that are not easy to describe. It damaged me in a way that is not easy to repair.
I spent 2 months in a school for persons facing severe depression. During this time I met some classmates that I wouldn't have wanted to know at anyother time in my life. But they taught me so much about living. On one occassion just before Barb passed we were talking abut death and dieing. A student ask me if it would embarrass me or my church friends if some from the class came to the visitation. I was stunned by the question. My answer was quick! We would be honored. 30 Showed up!

I have more stories. Jock Doc

By kuttlewis On 2008.12.21 07:45
Thank you, Jock Doc. Please continue to share with us. I think learning how to deal with grief is very important for all of us. We've already started grieving for all that PD has taken away.

By anidaholady On 2008.12.21 16:08
Thanks for posting JockDoc. I'm so sorry for your pain this year, but was glad to see you says you are slowly getting better. Keep visting here, and do tell your stories. I tihnk it is good for all of us when you do. 2009 will be a big year for healing.

By trapper On 2008.12.21 22:10
It is great to hear from you Jockdoc.

Sounds like you are doing better and that 2009 will be good to you.

Have a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

By Pick On 2009.01.02 13:47
It's so good to hear from you JockDoc. Hope your 2009 is full of good health and happy memories.


By lostdaughter On 2009.01.02 16:40
I'm new to the forum but have read many of your past posts. Your courage & loving attitude touched my heart deeply. You are an extraordinary person.

I hope 2009 brings you peace & good health.

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