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By picklestreet On 2008.12.24 00:18
My father is 79 and was diagnosed with PD several years ago. He's gradually getting thinner and losing lots of energy. He seems to sleep increasingly during the day and wakes up several times at night. I wonder if his lack of daytime movement is from no motivation or from the disease. He says "I can't" a lot. For instance, when he's stuck and we coach him to "lift his legs" as the neurologist said, he controls his movement better and he lifts his legs.

So, I wonder if he can exercise and move around more during the day because he seems to sit and lie around. And once he's lying down, he's snoring. My mother and I try to encourage him to do stuff, to keep his mind and body active, so he doesn't fall asleep during the day, giving him a better night's rest. My mother is especially frustrated because he wakes her up throughout the night and has become so dependent on her 24/7.

He has a quad cane, a walker, a wheelchair, and an electric scooter. He relies on us to push him in the wheelchair or he uses the scooter. The walker is problematic because he leans on it and it rolls ahead of him while his feet stay put. He routinely forgets his cane and falls occasionally as a result.

He takes Carbi/Levo, Sertraline, Mirapex, and Comtan plus CoQ10 4 hours apart (6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm), although he forgets to take his meds on time. I bought a vibrating watch, a vibrating pager, alarm clocks...he doesn't seem to adapt to any of them. In the recent past, he described having energy very early in the morning (4am), so he'd shower when he had control of his body. I often wondered if it was because he was taking meds so late at night. He literally takes them and heads off to bed. I can't figure out what the meds are doing to him, and he can't seem to tell me either.

My mother is burning out and I'm not sure how I can assist. My father complains of all the neurologists they've visited. All they do is up his medication. They've gone through the American Parkinson's Disease Association which is located close to us. Hopelessness is starting to set in.

By LOHENGR1N On 2008.12.24 00:42
picklestreet, Most of the anti-Parkinson's medication causes sleepiness. I'd guess it's the drugs that make Him fall asleep throughout the day. Not sleeping through the night is a common complaint for Us Parkies. Trying to exercise and move around during the day will probably exhaust Him! Don't get me wrong exercise is beneficial and needed but there's a thin line here and any exercise should be done when the maximum effect from His med's are being experienced. I've fallen asleep talking to my youngest daughter with the grandchildren running around! Discuss the exercise and sleeping in the daytime with His Neurologist, see what they say. Just try to remember it's not likely lack of motivation causing daytime dozing. Take care, welcome to the forum, best of luck and hang in there! Hope Your holidays are as happy as can be.

By bandido1 On 2008.12.24 11:59
picklestreet: Adding to LOHENGRIN's commentary I agree we PDer's are inclined to drop off many times during the day and still be awake much of the night. Yesterday I think I took 4 naps of about 10 min each + a 2 hr snooze and then only 4 hrs of overnight sleep. Drug combinations can be a help or hinderance. See today's breaking news on what drug combinations are doing to us old folks. As for the walker--two suggestions: 1. put tennis balls on the front posts to prevent slipping forward. or 2. check classified or garage sales for a walker that has a locking brake mechanism. I have one that includes a seat and basket underneath the seat.
Nearly new and less than $100. Finally, you should inquire through Medicare as to coverage for home care including a physical therapist at no cost. If unable to get that help check back in on this forum and we will give you some exercise references. Bob C

By Pick On 2009.01.02 13:07
Sounds like bandido may have the same walker my dad uses, it's called a U-Step walker and is designed specifically for PD patients. It's great. Don't be alarmed by the price, Medicare should cover it.

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