For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Pearly4 On 2009.01.01 09:21
After all its a holiday and every holiday and birhtday has been boggeled so far .....

My mother is on multiple meds - 12 types -- multiple doses. Obviously way too much for her to track but she does have a general recognition of about how many and what color pills are due in each dose - sometimes.

This month the pharmacy supplied her with her generic gabapentin -- from a new drug source so color, shape and size of pill have changed.

This month the psychs refill was finally filled and for some reason, habit, whatever, he wrote the script apparently for 10 mg Paxil 1 at bedtime, instead of 1/2 of a 20 mg pill once a day. So she now has a differently shaped pill at a different time. I could have given it to her at the same time as usual I suppose but if she had noticed and read the bottle I was doomed anyway, so chose the lesser of two evils and followed bottle directions.

New doctor (see Pesky Nurse entry) prescribe lasix and potassium supplement. She took first dose yesterday and declared she would never take again. They supposedly caused all kinds of side effects -- maybe, maybe not. It seems all new meds cause all kinds of problems every time she takes one.

Bottom line -- Lasix was given at 9:30a and potassium at 10:30a (with food and water, following all directions and guidelines). By 2:30p she was reluctant to take regular dose of regular pills. By 7:30 pm she had noticed gabapentin had changed and what's this new pill at bedtime (Paxil). (She had been on both for several days already. This morning I found half of the evening dose of pills (Seroquel, Paxil, gabapentin and Celebrex) still on her dresser . Gave her 4:30 a.m. dosages -- at 7:30 dosage time I found 1/2 of 4:30 mixed with last night's leftovers. These included Tramadol, gabapentin and 1/2 25/100 l-dopa.

All this was accompanied with all kinds of threats to call all kinds of people and refusal to cooperate in any fashion. Her speech is garbled (not really new), she's in pain and the threats and behavior are continuing. She's gone back to bed right now. I assume she'll place at least one phone call to one person (probably a wrong number) somewhere along the line today or if she refuses another dose she'll be in so much pain she'll require a hospital visit (or use the emergency call button to request an ambulance). I could phone her psych but what's he going to do? I could phone her general med, but would probably get whoever is on call and nobody would know anything anyway. She's not in any danger physically.

So we're playing the waiting game. While she ruins yet another holiday. Yes, I'm not very sympathetic, I do understand, but lordy, I'm tired.

By walkinthewoods On 2009.01.05 15:25
I too was hoping to get through a holiday incident free but it didn't happen for our family either. My FIL chose Christmas Day to "start" yet another disagreement in front of our children. I understand to a PD patient they are not considering that it's a holiday or not before they pick their battles but I was really praying that we could just have a day of relaxation and enjoyment. That was one pray that could not be answered that day.

It gets very discouraging to deal with the threats and downgrading that my FIL puts my husband and I through but yet we remain. My own sister-in-law didn't even make it over on Christmas to see her father because she can't deal with all the "drama" (as she calls it).

I know it's hard, sometimes I don't know how I can go on another day but somehow and someway I do.

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