For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2009.01.06 07:30
A repost as a separate thread for MyTea, for whoever wants to try it.

When we ordered the other day they told my husband they were probably going to give up the website, there is some problem with the domain name I think. At any rate, there are two ways you can order:
1. the dried herbs, which you must brew following strict and tedious instructions or
2. the tea already brewed, it's very expensive, as in fifty bucks a quart. We always buy the dried herbs.

Their phone number is 720-331-1063 and the email I have for them is and I believe they are out of Colorado. I hope it's OK to post this information, guess the moderators will let me know if I've broken any rules!

You MUST take this stuff on an empty stomach for it to really work as well as it is going to. My husband takes it first thing in the morning, a couple of hours before breakfast. He suffers from allergies and it has really helped him with this. He is very analytical and skeptical and has had to admit that when he quit taking it, to see if it did make a difference, he did feel "weaker" as he called it, and he did get his allergy cough back. I believe that is also when he got his last cold, over Thanksgiving. We were out of the Mytea then and won't let that happen again.

Another testimonial: his business associate is the one who gave us the first bottle of this stuff. He also has suffered allergies for years and began taking this stuff a year or so ago, no more allergies. I am not saying this stuff will work for everyone and if we told our neuro about it he would no doubt laugh us out of his office, but if my husband thinks it makes him feel better and his cough goes away, I don't care.

A word of caution: this stuff tastes like grass clippings! It is brown and murky and looks like my son's diaper when we brew it, but sometimes you just have to overlook things. Also, you will need GLASS jars to store this stuff in, I think one order of the herbs makes a gallon of the tea, and last time we ordered the herbs were about thirty bucks. No side effects for us other than just having to gag it down in the morning. I even took it for a week or so but since I don't have allergies to begin with, I couldn't justify making myself go through that every morninng, much as I love my husband.

I hope this helps everyone, there is increasing linkage to PD and the immune system, particularly research coming out of France. Some US researchers are also picking up on this. Who knows where that research will lead us but at least they are beginning to consider the possibility that PD is not limited strictly to the brain and that other systems may be involved.

By mylove On 2009.01.06 18:42
Thank you so much... we're going to track this down.

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