For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By shanchen On 2009.01.16 18:52
I work as a caregiver for a sweet lady with advanced Parkinson's.

She is on amantadine (am + pm), comtan (3x per day) and sinemet (4x per day) in addition to zoloft (am) and risperdal (in the evenings, seems to combat the hallucinatory side effects of the Parkinson medications).

I notice that she has episodes of "locking up" where she is completely locked up inside herself, similar to a catatonic state; she is only minimally aware of surroundings, and is totally uncommunicative. It usually sets in around half an hour before it's time for her meds, and doesn't seem to resolve until about two hours after meds.

She'll often "check out" after doing something stressful or tiring, often after exercise or an emotional upset.

The "checking out" episodes seem to be very predictable right down to time of day... between 11am and 4pm is checked out off and on. Is mostly alert in second half of day.

Is this common? Is there a name for this? Is there anything I could do to help her when she's like this, rather than just wait? I have a lot to learn about Parkinsons! Thank you.

By LOHENGR1N On 2009.01.16 20:39
It's called "freezing", talk to Her Neurologist about it. There are many sites online to get basic (or advanced) information on Parkinson's Disease. Any of the sites like the American Parkinson's Disease Association or National Parkinson's Disease site will give you a run down about this disease. Try googling Parkinson's Disease. The information on it grows daily. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By annwood On 2009.01.16 20:56
You sound like a very compassionate caregiver. How great that you are seeking more information in order to help. We will tell you what we can but as L suggested there is also a great deal of info available on the internet.

By bandido1 On 2009.01.16 22:43
schanchen: Welcome to this forum. You might want to look at the commentary tab to review some other typical symptoms from a guy with some experience but not very good posture these days. Bob C

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