For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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Topic annwood...looking for ref for "25 % of nursing home admissions are the result of ...." Go to previous topic Go to next topic Go to higher level

By Pick On 2009.07.09 17:52
"..... the caregiver becoming ill or dying."

I'm researching for a presentation on Caregiver Stress in my Geriatric Nursing Course and bumped into you quite by accident....what a wonderful surprise! My dad and I are no longer participating in that trial but your vid is excellent. I would love to include the above stat in my geriatric presentation but I can't without a ref and am hoping you can provide???

I love that you included in your presentation the positive benefits to caregiving. It's so easy to lose sight of.... but in spite of everything, I still believe it is a privilege to care for others. On behalf of those of us still walking this path, thank you for speaking for and to us. What an amazing tribute to your husband and a testament to your own compassion and perseverance.

Be well,

By annwood On 2009.07.09 20:30
Hi, Pick

So good to hear from you. I knew that you were going to nurse's training - good for you. I hope it is going well. That stat came from the National Caregiver's Assoc. If you like, send your email to me and I will email the entire presentation to you. Yes, I did list the benefits. My email is

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