For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lynn On 2009.07.15 15:26
Folks i need your advice. My hubby (16years pd) is considered to have moderately severe to severe pd. Today he could not make it to the bathroom. this has happened a few other times but I've attributed them to his being in situations that made him anxious. Now I'm not so sure. We make note of his bm's because of the constipation and he's been going so I don't think he's impacted. On the other hand, what do I know. I've read that bowel incontinence is rare with ordinary pd except in the advanced stage. I just don't know if my husband is that advanced yet. Any suggestions? should he go ahead and start wearing pull-ups?

By Mary On 2009.07.15 16:14
My Dad has had both bowel and bladder incontinence for two years now. I highly recommend not only wearing depends but purchasing the pads and using them as well. The depends are not very absorbent and the stool will easily come through. I also use plastic pants over the depends for Dad and they prevent his daily accidents from seeping through. Also, for some accidents, I can just change the pad and not the entire depend. Somehow the depends control the order. Dad has tried every product on the market for his incontinence problems and this works the best. Also, if the stools are loose, I recommend using bed pads as well.Good luck! Mary

By lynn On 2009.07.15 20:23
I'm not really sure if he has bowel incontinence or just can't make it to the bathroom. I get so confused about all of this. My husband still goes out in public and I don't know whether it's time to pull the plug on his activities. He doesn't adequately clean himself up and I can't believe he doesn't understand this. More advice please.

By WitsEnd On 2009.07.16 11:14
Dad had bowel accidents as well for several years. I wasn't sure whether it was from the PD dementia--or straight PD. It wasn't consistent and happened sporadically. It got worse and he was in adult diapers the last six months. He didn't clean himself or the toilet seat good either--and that was one of the signs of worsening dementia.

Some of your post almost sounds like irritable bowel syndrome. You might want to also check with the doctor to see if any of the meds has gastrointestinal side effects.

They also have adult wash cloths that can be bought that help with the clearning. If you don't already have a hand held shower sprayer--that would be something cheap and good to install. The only real solution for odor is washing.

By Mary On 2009.07.16 11:16
Dad did not clean himself good either. It was on his bottom, legs, hands and even in his finger nails, not to mention the toilet and floor. I now clean Dad. I help him sit and he calls when he is done and I clean him up. I know he doesn't like it but this is how it is now.

By bandido1 On 2009.07.16 13:20
OK folks, we are now into the" too much information" phase of this forum. Please stop reading if you're unable to cope with the delicacy on this topic.

Most of us with PD are going to be in diapers, depends, or some sort of hospital pad. I am allegedly the stage 4 patient and have been dripping and dropping for some time. I started wearing men's depends about two months ago. Aside from the fruity looking aspects of this underwear, it has resolved the cleanup problem for the most part. Because patients with parkinson's have dexterity problems showers and daily cleanups are not always as effective as they should be. Fortunately for me I have a nurse's aide assisting in showering, dressing, etc. A shower head is on a tether allowing access to my rear end with little difficulty. We use the washcloth to finish the job.

Using the commode presents an even more difficult problem. In my case it takes about 14 individual pieces of TP (double ply and folded once) to get the job done. Although I set a record the other day at 5 minutes, my average time is more like 10.

My recommendation: go with depends, pads, diapers or whatever it takes to relieve this small portion of your total burden. Bob C

By lynn On 2009.07.16 14:08
We bought depends and today is his first day wearing them. Thanks for all of your support. I hope this solves the problem.

By Mary On 2009.07.16 14:42
I have a PhD in this area! Anyway, another note is to keep the buttom protected with either baby rash ointment or vaseline. Rashes develop easily and can be very uncomfortable.

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