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By lurkingforacure On 2009.07.17 09:49
Has anyone ever gotten copies of their loved one's medical records? We are trying to get into see a new neuro and they are being prepared, so this is a perfect time to request a copy for ourselves. I'd like to have them, just so that we have them if we ever need them, (also this is recommended in that caregiver book I posted about earlier) but am second guessing myself...if I get them, I know my husband will want to read them, and am not sure if there's anything in there that might depress him. Or me. I'd hate to get them and read something about progression that our neuro didn't mention, or along those lines...conversely, they might contain good news, if that is ever possible with PD. At any rate, just wondering if anyone ever got their medical records, and with what outcome. Thanks.

By caregivermary On 2009.07.17 09:59
Yes, we have. Be prepared for a mountain of paper. At least that is what we received from the neuro and the primary care. This was due to moving from one state to another. However, the univ hosp we are with now has everything computerized and when we leave each appt. a copy of the discussion with DX is handed to us. Also, all test results are available the same day or next on-line for us to view as well as communication with the Dr.

Going through the mountain of paper I found a lot of comments that were a surprise and there were a lot of medical terms I didn't understand. It was informative but bottom line too much info and didn't affect either one of us. The receiving office was too interested in all the paper.

By WitsEnd On 2009.07.17 13:34
Because of HIPPA, only the patient can sign to get the records unless you have a medical POA. Be prepared to sign lots of releases and be prepared to fetch. Sign can pick them up next week. There may also be fees you have to pay depending on the hospital, etc.

I think my most frustrating experience was when I had to give the pharmacy my credit card to keep on file for my dad's prescriptions as a requirement of the personal care home. The pharmacy wasn't good about sending me receipts. The VA required I get a list of medical expenses and so I went by the pharmacy to get a print out of the prescription history. They told me they couldn't give it to me because it was my dad's prescriptions...unless I went home and got a copy my POA and came back....and then they'd print it for me and I could pick it up in a few days. I told them I just wanted what was charged to my card (which was everything of course) and they said, but it was my dad's prescriptions and they couldn't do that under HIPPA.

When you are already working full time (and overtime), stressed to the max, dealing with care issues, working with the VA and are already having a bad week...let's just say I wasn't happy. I remember that day well....and imagine the pharmacy clerk probably does too.

P.S. The doctors also cull what they copy so it is not likely that you will find anything too surprising in the records. A lot of it will be copied so badly you can't read it--or if you do you won't understand it. (I had to get dad's records when I changed states.

By susger8 On 2009.07.18 12:47
WitsEnd, I keep a copy of my POA for my dad in my car, so I always have it if I need it. I was at work when my dad broke his hip and I went directly to the hospital without stopping at home, so if I hadn't had a copy with me I would have had a problem.

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