For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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Topic Why do people with PD do better away from home? Go to previous topic Go to next topic Go to higher level

By SCSally On 2009.07.19 16:46
I just got back from a European vacation with Mom. She did so well that it was unbelievable. She kept up well using her 4 wheeler on our walking tours over cobblestone streets, she got off and on trains and trams like a pro, she didn't complain and whine, and she seemed totally at ease with everything.

The first day back from the trip, the complaining and whining began as before. She even realizes she did better on the trip and in jest said we should go back to Germany. Now she says her meds aren't working as they did in Europe and she thinks it is due to the climate. I don't know what gives, but she was a totally different person on our trip. Anyone else experience this as a caregiver?

By lurkingforacure On 2009.07.19 18:07
Yes and No. My husband feels better at his office (no kids, quiet, everything the way he has organized it) and worse at home. He doesn't do well on vacations, either, I think it's the stress of traveling. I think at home he becomes depressed, because he is not as busy mentally, and his mind drifts to all the things he wants and needs to do but cannot, and it's hard to get away from that. But I have read many places that people need to keep their minds active, whether they have PD or not, it's just that with PD, it's extra important.

Traveling is very mentally stimulating, especially in a foreign country. Perhaps you could plan another similar trip soon, so she will have something to look forward to? My dad did this with my grandma in a different way (she didn't have PD but was 98 years old!) and he had a gardener come every season and plant different things in her flower beds so that something was always blooming, and she never knew what had been planted until it bloomed, it was very sweet. He even had two flower beds put in right outside her kitchen and dining room windows, so that when she was in either room she could look out and see what was blooming, getting ready to bloom, or had just bloomed. I honestly think it kept her going, because she lived to be thirty days shy of her 100th birthday, in very good health, just frail. Anticipation when we are that old is hard to come by, but it sure was a good thing for my grandma. Maybe this will help your mom.

By lynn On 2009.07.20 19:49
My hubby visited his sister for a week and it has taken him a full week to return to his pretrip status. I think adrenaline is the reason for the added strength while away. Afterwards, they crash.

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