For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sachet On 2009.07.25 18:50
Ten days ago husband was put on Hospice. Could barely stand, needed help doing everything. Wasn't talking much except for halluations, thinking he needed to get a load of horses home or to new owners and of course it was all my fault we were a thousand miles from home. We were home! Now he is talking and demanding to go to the store. He now can walk with the walker to bathroom. When does the the next shoe drop? He has ups and downs before but not to this extent and with now med change. Any ideas or suggestions?

By lurkingforacure On 2009.07.25 21:10
I have no idea but be thankful and keep doing whatever you're doing! That is so nice to hear, enjoy it and each other.

By caregivermary On 2009.07.26 09:46

I'm in a similar situation. My husb who was not walking, started, but hasn't been able to get very far. It was amazing to see him try again and making a statement-I'm not giving up. He also told me he wanted to go to Six Flags and wanted to try bowling. I think we might be dealing with- I'm going to give everything I have in me to keep fighting this disease. It's good to see the fight left in him but I can't let myself get my hopes up too high. BTW, I'm taking him bowling tomo with a neighbor who has agreed to help me. Six Flags is out of the question.

By WitsEnd On 2009.07.27 09:00
Cherish the improvement. Remember though that PD is a roller coaster. My dad was practically comatose and not eating one day and the next day he was sitting up in a chair talking and eating. The hospice nurses were amazed. He passed away the following week.

For a caregiver the highs of the sudden improvements with the equally sudden crashes are what was for me one of the most emotionally challening things. Remember to live each day as a precious day and don't focus on what tomorrow (good or bad) may bring.

By sachet On 2009.07.28 16:00
we had two very good days and now rolling downhill. Called hospice nurse, he was have breathing problems--upped the oxygen again, he also has COPD. Now he is quiet. Since last night he has not been able to stand even with walker, falling backwards--so here we go some more.

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