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By lurkingforacure On 2009.08.04 08:07
A comment was made in the thread on healthcare to the effect that AARP has huge clout in Congress and would be able to protect its members under a national health plan.....this recent battle indicates that AARP's clout is not nearly as big as originally thought...and certainly no match for big pharma's even more massive clout in Congress.

Here's the article, the gist is that drug companies wanted a special 12-year protection for so-called high-tech drugs, which include drugs for PD, and AARP opposed it (because it would preclude generics from coming in, which would lower drug costs for that drug)...they lost the battle and the special protection is pending (it will be law if the national health plan is passed, is my understanding).

Here's a link (tons of articles on this, just google it):

I'm not meaning to comment on whether this protection should or should not be granted, only responding to an earlier comment that AARP is able to protect its good a job as they may do in some areas, I don't see them being able to influence much when it comes to the hard decisions (many of which involve money, and very powerful industries, like healthcare and pharmaceuticals-when the interests of these diverge, we see who won the battle this time).

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