For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By susger8 On 2009.08.04 13:27
My dad has seemed withdrawn lately -- not answering me, not talking much. His new movement disorder specialist has made some meds changes, and I was trying to figure out if the meds changes were affecting my dad's behavior, or if it's something with the progression of the PD.

Well, he's also been a bit more hard of hearing lately, and having trouble with the phone, which I also thought might be the PD. But I have also been trying some ear drops.

So, Saturday his hearing gets way worse. I took him in to the doctor yesterday. What do you know? Both ears were plugged up with big gobs of ear wax. Ear wax removed, presto, now he can hear again and his behavior is like before!

Lesson to me: it's not always PD.


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