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By lynn On 2009.08.04 14:52
I was out this morning and when I returned my husband said he had fallen 6 times. Our falls in the past are generally when he is turning. He said these falls were different in that he had no warning that he was going to fall. He said with past falls he always knew it was coming. I've put in a call to the neurologist and I'm making him use the walker with close attention by me during transfers. He started on klonapin 4 nights ago. He's not dizzy, feels good and his BP is normal when sitting. I could not take it with him standing.Any ideas?

By packerman On 2009.08.04 18:09
my DH falls forward when his feet get stuck. he explains it that his brain tells him they're moving when they're really not.

By susger8 On 2009.08.05 08:33
I read somewhere that sneakers and rubber-soled shoes are not the best for PD patients, because PWP don't lift their feet up and the soles stick on the floor surface. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.


By tryinghard On 2009.08.05 09:26
the times my dad has fallen the reasons are varied, he turns too quickly, shuffles while walking then thinks he's still walking and topples over, other times he freezes up mid walk can't move and goes sideways. Oh yeah and getting him to use a walker on a regular basis is like trying to reason with a 2 year old having a temper tantrum! he says walkers are for old people! Mind you he's 85!

By WitsEnd On 2009.08.05 12:07
I would review with the neurologist. Dad got to the point where he was falling constantly and it was a sign that the disease was progressing.

If he started a new drug concurrent with increased falling, it might be advisable to stop the drug and see if the problem improves--but you ought to talk to the doctor first.

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