For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By tryinghard On 2009.08.05 21:09
Dad has his good days and bad days, today was in the middle. He was having a very hard time walking today. Couldn't hold himself up. He walks/shuffles on his tip toes then gets stuck and starts to go down. Luckily I or my husband were right there to hold him up. And yes, he was NOT using his walker. As he says it doesn't work. Anyway, I read up about one of the meds he's been taking - Amantidine - they say that it looses it's effectives just a few months after a pd patient starts using it. Well Dad has been on it for about 5 years now. I made an appt with a movement disorder specialist so hopefully they can go over his meds and make any adjustments needed. The only worry I have with that is how it will effect my dad. Thanks to all who gave me the info on the movement drs!

By susger8 On 2009.08.06 09:24
I'm glad you found a movement disorder specialist -- they are usually very knowledgeable about meds.

Amantadine does seem less effective after time, and in older/later stage patients it can have bad side effects on thought processes. My dad started taking it again when Pergolide was taken off the market, and even though he'd taken it in the past, this time it caused some spectactular hallucinations and delusions.

(Does your dad have a U-Step walker? I got one for my dad on the recommendation of some members here. It gives safer support than a regular walker.)

By tryinghard On 2009.08.06 11:06
He has a regular walker, two wheels in front. I never heard of a u-step walker. I'll look it up. Thanks !

By susger8 On 2009.08.06 13:40
It's expensive, but Medicare will pay for most of it if you get a prescription.


By tryinghard On 2009.08.06 16:45
yeah, I saw the prices for it and almost fell off the chair! lol. I will check with the dr to give me a prescription for it. Hopefully it will work out. I like the fact that it has a seat that he can use when he gets tired or feels like he can't stay up.

By annwood On 2009.08.06 20:44
The U-Step is fantastic for PD pts. My husband would actually fall with the regular walker but not with the U-Step. Medicare aid for about half of his.

Glad you are seeing a movement disorder specialist. Keep in mind that the falls may keep on happening - it goes along with the territory, unfortunately.

By lynn On 2009.08.06 20:50
susger8 and annwood. My husband needs the ustep walker. The walker he has now is terrible. Please tell me which one you bought. I have found 2 on the internet. Both are about the same cost. One is from instep mobility.I think this company was the first to add the laser light. It weighs 24 pounds though. The other is just called ustep mobility walker. the weight is about 19 pounds which appeals more to me. Did you guys have a hard time putting it into the car?

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