For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By tryinghard On 2009.08.10 21:43
Dad started complaining of abdominal pains yesterday. Figured maybe something he ate that didn't agree with him even though he had not eaten anything out of the ordinary. Gave him some gingerale. After a couple of hours he said he still had the pain and he went to lay down. Pretty much just stayed in his room the rest of the day. I checked in on him every hour or so and he was sleeping. This morning he said he couldn't take the pain anymore so he wanted to go to the hospital. Turns out he has a bowel obstruction. Severely constipated. They have a tube going down his nose to try and eleviate the situation as they do not want to operate on him. Really bad thing is they can't give him most of his medications with the tube. He's hallucinating and doesn't really realize what's happening. But as soon as a nurse comes in to check on him boy oh boy does he put on a big grin!!!! Hopefully this can be resolved with the tube. As much as my dad drives me crazy I do want him home with us. I'll keep you all posted. Has anyone else had a problem with bowel obstructions?

By lynn On 2009.08.11 21:18
How old is your Dad and how active is he? I worry about impaction because of the pd.

By tryinghard On 2009.08.11 22:15
he's 85. not too active, it's hard for him to hold himself up, his knees give out alot. He takes a stool softener daily but that's not always enough.

By WitsEnd On 2009.08.12 09:59
My dad had a swallowing issue and they could get meds in him. When they did the nose tube though they were able to get the meds in and stop the halucinations which were horrific. If he keeps halucinating see if the neuro can change or add to the meds to help. It only took a couple of days with dad.

Good luck.

By tryinghard On 2009.08.12 21:54
Dad's doing better today. They haven't said when he'll be able to come home but at least the ng tube is working!

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