For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lynn On 2009.08.11 21:27
I've had it today. the last 2 weeks have been one thing after another with pd. I'm still trying to work some of them out with the doctor. today my husband told me his elbows hurt. Well guys, I'm sorry but enough is enough. I thought to myself I never heard of anyone dying from their elbows so I'm not getting into this one. I think some of this is to get attention from ME. Well not today buddy!

By sachet On 2009.08.11 23:44
Lynn, I understand, enough is enough at times. Goodness knows there will be something else in an hour it seems. Hope you can have a nice cup of tea or? and have a few minutes to your self. And I do know that is a luxury but we have to take care of the caregiver as I have been told several times in the last few days.

By lurkingforacure On 2009.08.12 07:45
Can I ever relate. Last night we must have gotten up three or four times and he just got up again, turned on the shower without closing the door so it was louder than anything, and took a shower. I gave up trying to sleep and got up to get some work done, and when he came out of the shower he asked me what I was doing.....then he promptly went back to bed. AARGH!! I wish I could do the same but now I am up and will have our kids all day with no break, my son can just run rings around me without end. I wish I could harness all that little boy energy somehow, I'd be such a better mommy, wife, and caregiver!

By WitsEnd On 2009.08.12 09:49
People who are blessed with good help don't know how much to appreciate it until they have to deal with a disease like PD. Some days I used to feel like running away. I had this mental image of getting in my car and driving it until it ran out of gas. I'd dream of getting out of the car--not even shutting the door and just start walking. I'd walk until I couldn't walk anymore and just collapsed face first onto my nose with my arms spread out to both sides. The end.

Hang in there and try to find some quiet time for you. I know that's next to impossible--but even just a few hours could help. You have to take care of you too.

By lynn On 2009.08.12 14:49
My hubby just started adult day services this week on Mon and Wed. Monday they called within an hour of dropping him off. Today no Calls. thank you Lord. I didn't ask him if he liked the center so I guess I'm learning. They took care of him on monday and that's what counts. This a.m. I could tell he was looking forward to going. I'm so happy. They have a full time R.N and many activities to select during the day. It's a very active center and only 5 min from the house. Again thank you Lord. I'm still rather keyed up but I feel in a couple of weeks I'll begin to relax. I plan to add 3 rd day in the fall. Thanks all for being there for me.

By Pearly4 On 2009.08.12 18:18
Yay! Good deal. We found the day center to be some of our greatest allies and support system. Their yearly assessment of memory, stregth and action plan were really helpful to the doctors as well. My mother never admitted to me she liked going to told every one else she did. Enjoy your time!

By tryinghard On 2009.08.12 21:53
Lynn, I know exactly how you feel. It's extremely frustrating having to deal with everything and then hear about other family members having a wonderful time on their vacations. Never offering to help out. But don't worry, take a deep breath. You're doing the right things. It will be ok.

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