For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2009.08.12 08:17
I swear, the roller coaster of PD is so hard, one minute, you are at the edge and the next, all dark thoughts are banished when you read of something that might help your loved one. Here is what I just learned.

TMS is an FDA approved treatment for depression, it's basically magnets pulsed at the head, and it apparently works. Dr. Mark George, who directs the Center for Advanced Imaging Research and the Brain Imaging Center of Excellence at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston pioneered this. More about him at: (read the comments after the article, one is from someone who suffered from depression but now after TMS is able to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor)

We all know many PDers suffer from depression. In addition to helping with that, TMS may also help with other PD symptoms. Unlike DBS, which pulses electricity in and around the brain, and requires surgery, and may result in cognitive and other issues, TMS involves no surgery. TMS is a much milder form of ECT (shock therapy) which in the very few limited tests that have been done, has been shown to help PD motor symptoms.

Before anyone poo-poos this, a company out of Israel is also doing the same thing, and not just for depression. Here's their link:

It is significant to me that TMS is FDA approved. I am going to check into whether anyone in my area does this. A bonus: no pills to take!

By gilly On 2009.08.12 17:50
Thanks for posting this information.

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