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By lynn On 2009.08.29 08:33
My husband is wetting the bed every night now. At what point in the course of the disease did this happen to other caregivers? I see a true decline here but I still don't really know where my husband is in terms of the disease.

By Ilovemydog On 2009.08.29 08:42
My Dad moved out this summer, but he wet the bed almost every night. He wore the depends but at some point he would either get up to take it off and fall back asleep or the depends were absorbent enough and it was all over. I suggest putting a plastic mattress cover on. I also covered the area with Chucks bed pads. I had them all over my house, wherever he sat.

By annwood On 2009.08.29 10:51
I don't know if bedwetting is any predictor of the disease ststus. The bladder control is muscular so it is possible those muscles are now involved. I think the first thing I would do is get a urinalysis to make sure there is not an infection. If it is truly part of the disease you will have to use exdwelling catheters at night with an adult diaper (Depends) over it. As suggested, a plastic mattress pad and pleants of Chux.

By caregivermary On 2009.08.29 13:37

I'm not an expert but here is how it is with my husb.

My husb started seroquel last Sept. He is so deep in sleep and doesn't know he is going. Since then he has been using depends and washable pads at night. Primary Dr. indicated with the low blood pressure this could cause more urine at night. Once he started wearing the compression stockings and keeping his feet elevated during the day, the amount of output decreased. He did have a urine test when this first started but no infection was identified. Of course, limiting liquids after dinner helps too. We have a hosp bed and keeping the head and feet elevated makes a difference. This also keeps him in bed and for my sake he has stopped taking the depends off.

Whether the PD is progressing I guess depends on what else is going on.

By pegk3548 On 2009.08.29 15:28
I have never heard of the connection between the urination at night and the low blood preasure. This is very interesting. None of my husbands Dr.'s have ever mentioned this. I think we really learn more on this forum then from our Dr's.
Also did you find that the compression socks really helped your husband's blood preasure. If they do how long did he have to wear them before the helped him. My husband has had problems with low blood preasure for some time now. He takes middorine for this but still has problems to the point where he often passes out. His cardioligist suggested the socks. He has been wearing them for over a week and I have seen no improvement. Has anyone else had any experience with the compression socks? Thanks.

By caregivermary On 2009.08.29 16:12
My husb had improvement from the day he first wore them. He had no blackouts for 4 months. He has had two in a little over one month. The stockings are really tight and difficult to get on but I do believe they help. We decided on the stockings vs another med. I'm not sure over time if either one will work completely.

By Kalispell Kathy On 2009.09.04 08:49
With my husband, the edema in his legs is related to the bedwetting at night, because with his legs elevated, the fluid leaves his legs and goes right to the bladder. He started being incontinent only a couple of months ago, and he's very near the end now.

Two things made sleep much better for both of us: (1.) Priva Plus bed pads from Amazon. They soak up huge amounts and do not leak. Crib pads didn't work nearly as well for us. (2.) A condom catheter. The commercial ones may be fine, but we rigged up our own and it drains into a milk jug. It's not perfect, but it's made a huge difference in our night's sleep. Nobody has to get up in the wee hours to void or get the bed changed any more, and that makes life much easier!

By LOHENGR1N On 2009.09.04 15:42
I would think if bed wetting is any indicator of progress in this disease (ruling out infections or other bladder problems) it would point to Parkinson's progression involving Our Autonomic nervous systems. That said I don't know what can be done about it. I defer to Our wise caregivers here for solutions. Personally I myself cringe when I hear limiting liquids in the evening. We Parkinson's patients walk a very fine line especially in warm months between dehydration and staying hydrated, so while limiting liquids might sound best and seems to be the medical standard response, a careful eye has to watch for other problems dehydration might bring about. It's a big mess, dammed near impossible to figure out, We carry on best We can. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By Mary On 2009.09.04 15:59
I am also not a fan of limited water for Parkinson's patients or anyone really. That said, my Dad has been incontinent bowel and bladder for nearly two years now. We have tried every kind of external catheter ever made - nothing works for Dad. So, this is how we stay dry at night now, he wears a regular depends with a pad in the front and an overnight depends over it and a plastic pant over that. It seems like a lot but sometimes he can wet through that and then the mattress pad covering gets the rest so I am no longer washing bedding every day. This is the part of the disease that Dad says he hates most.

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