For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lynn On 2009.08.29 20:06
My husband has been declining over the last few weeks. He had to start on klonapin for anxiety dreams at nights. He also has started to fall a great deal. the doctor increased his sinemet but it has not improved his mobility. We got the ustep walker which helps but he is so fatigued that he doesn't walk much. He's more confused now and had trouble using the walker today because he said it didn't work right. Today I found a letter that he is writing to a sibling who lives in another city. In the letter he asks if there is an assisted living home in the neighborhood. He said he could move easily. the worst however was that he said I complain about his complaints and that it was degrading to him. This hit me like a knife going thru my heart. I try so hard to do everything. then,tonight he thanked me for all I do for him. I think I'm seeing lewy body dementia.

By caregivermary On 2009.08.29 22:48
gosh, I'm so sorry you are going through this. again, they really don't understand what they really can and cannot do. sometimes I am so hurt by what my husb's says but I know he isn't thinking clearly. he often apologizes later. we are the bad guys-there is no one else to blame. My husb has the same difficulties with the computer, tv remote, walker, everything. I spend most of my days fixing things. I can't say how long this goes on but it sure does wear you down.

By Emma On 2009.08.30 07:31
Lynn, I too am sorry that you're going through this. When I read your posts I often think how much alike our husbands are so I really empathize with you. My husband has also gotten worse in the past few weeks. This morning he told me that he's afraid of what's to come and that I will walk out on him and he will be left alone. It broke my heart. As frustrated, stressed and sometimes impatient that I get, I do love him and I will never abandon him. This is so hard on everyone, patient and caregiver. Seeing him so emotionally vulnerable this morning made me resolve to try to do better at being reassuring and compassionate. My grandpa (a wise and wonderful man) used to tell me that when I was frustrated or angry with someone to try to see them as God sees them. I need to work harder at that.

With my husband the dementia started before the PD symptoms. This is one of the indicators for Lewy Body Dementia, which I am convinced he has. His neurologist will only say that he had "Parkinson's Dementia" and hems and haws on the Lewy Body. The psychiarist who did his last neuropsych exam did diagnose Lewy Body. Not that it matters I guess. He has what he has, it is what it is. A name doesn't change it.

I feel your pain. Em

By lbellomy On 2009.09.02 07:59
Emma, I am also in a similar situation. I would say that my husband has Parkinson's Disease with dementia PDD. That is a Lewy Body disease. The one thing that I read is that you have to be very, very careful of the medications that he is given. Certain meds that may be given for other dementias can make them worse.

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