For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lynn On 2009.08.31 22:37
Does anyone have a recommendation for a better chair for our PD loved ones? My husband is having a hard time getting out of the chair. I've seen recliners that will assist the person to stand up with a remote. I also recall someone talking about a Geri chair. Would appreciate any advice before I spend money for something that won't help.

By Emma On 2009.09.01 05:51
Hi Lynn! We have a lift chair (a recliner that works with a remote). My husband loves it, he no longer has to struggle to get up from sitting in a chair. You can buy them at most furniture stores and medical supply stores. If your husband is on Medicare they will pay for the mechanism portion of the chair, which they value at $300.00 or $350.00, I can't remember which. You need to get a prescription from your doctor to have that paid. The places that sell them will help with the Medicare reimbursement.

Just as a side note, our medical expenses are now high enough (mostly because of the premiums for our health insurance through my former employer) that I can deduct them on our taxes. Consequently, I have the neurologist write a prescription for EVERYTHING, even over the counter meds, canes, etc. That way I have backup if we get audited. There are a lot of things that are tax deductible if you are qualified to do that, such as mileage to and from doctor appointments. If you use an accountant for taxes they can help you figure out if you qualify and tell you what is deductible and what's not.

Anyway, the chair has worked out great for us. It's pretty comfortable too.

By karolinakitty On 2009.09.01 07:49
Since we don't have insurance and not a lot of money I went with the cheap way....we bought Jim a plush computer desk chair the one the goes up and down. It's very comfortable, has wheels that lock and arm rests. I adjusted it so he it would be level with the bottom of his butt and he can get in and out real well, of course Jim might not be as bad as yours but check them out....I found mine at a commercial office store, couldn't find a real comfy one at best buy, staples or office max. The wheel lock was the hardest part to find and it cost less than $200.

By susger8 On 2009.09.01 07:51
We have a lift chair also, got it at a medical supply store. My dad really needed one after he broke his hip (the rehab place discharged him too soon, in my opinion). It's a necessity for anyone who has trouble standing, and saves the back of the caregiver. All you need to do is steady him while the chair stands him up. It is also a very comfortable recliner.

However, he keeps trying to change the TV channels with the remote for the chair!


By WitsEnd On 2009.09.01 11:58
My dad sat in a recliner most of his life. When he started having problems I got a lift chair for my dad--but mentally he couldn't grasp how to use it--not to let his feet up and not to stand up. Also when he went into one of his "trash the room" episodes, the chair would wind up unplugged, it was a tripping hazard, etc.

He seemed to do better with a not "real cushy" chair that was a little higher off the ground with solid chair arms to push up with. Finding a solid recliner that doesn't rock too isn't so easy though....

By bandido1 On 2009.09.01 14:55
Patient Bob here. I have both a lift chair and an office chair I use when I am at this contraption. The office chair adjusts to height.has armrests and is comfortable for about 2 hours. With scoliosis,degenerative disc disease, scatica,and congenital heart failure (arrythmia) supplementing my PD I am still able to stay on my feet for 15-20 minutes at a time. If your patient has the will there is a way! Bob C

By lbellomy On 2009.09.01 21:22
Sometimes the electric lift recliners are very reasonable price on

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