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By lurkingforacure On 2009.09.02 11:54
I have read that more and more healthcare workers worldwide are saying, in response to polls I assume, that they will refuse the swine flu shot. Japan, about 45%, Canada, about 50%, Britain, about 35%, other countries as well. These are the healthcare workers!

Then today I have read that even the makers of the vaccine are not going to take it! There is an interview on youtube about this:

My layman's understanding is that the new swine flu vaccine will contain thimerosol, which is about 50% mercury. As we all know, mercury is a known neurotoxin. You can watch what mercury does to a live neuron here (from the University of Calgary):

Our parkies already have fewer neurons than most. Others with MS, Alz., lupus, etc. also have compromised systems. I cannot for the life of me understand why they are pushing this vaccine so hard. I have not read anywhere than any govt. official has recommended an exception for those with PD, Alz, or the like. It's just "everybody must get this vaccine". Several states are even now passing laws which confer incredible police power in an emergency health situation, as declared by the govt., such powers would include coming into your home and having the authority to take your antibiotics and other health items (this, from Mass.)! And yet many professionals in the healthcare area that I know are saying the swineflu "epidemic" is completely overblown.

I swear, the more they push this new, inadequately tested vaccine, the more worried I get. Particularly when practically half the health community worldwide is saying they will refuse to take the shot themselves. As if we didn't have enough to deal with already.

By Newcaregiver On 2009.09.02 15:28
lurking: this is concerning. We have a neuro appointment next week and I am going to ask the doctor what his opinion is. Of course, right now there are not vaccines so we have time to educate ourselves about this. Also, the news said yesterday that they think that people over 65 may have a natural immunity to this flu since they had a flu shot in the 1970's that was a similar strain. The flu does seem to hit children and young adults much more so than older people.

By lurkingforacure On 2009.09.02 16:15
Yes, please let us know what the neuro says.

I personally believe that older folks are actually better off in many ways because they were not subjected to the 36+ vaccines before they were two like kids have been for a couple decades now. The older people were allowed the opportunity to build up their natural immunity, naturally. My understanding, albeit layman, from reading lots about this, is that the more vaccines people get, especially when they are tiny (before the immune system is fully developed), the weaker their immune systems actually are. Some biologists are actually worried that we will lose the ability to develop a sufficienty strong enough natural immunity, to the point to where we will have to have a vaccine for every known pathogen!

Besides which, I am not too happy about learning that the many vaccines I took as a kid, and those which our kids were subjected to, do not confer the promised "lifelong immunity" we were told. Rather, authorities are telling parents they have to get chicken pox boosters in middle school (my niece just got one), and a host of other "boosters" before kids enter 7th grade! Compound that with the mutations these virus can undergo, and one has to wonder. And I understand that there are around 150 more vaccines in the pipeline, for who knows what.

One more thing about this, the articles I've read say that for the most part, you would treat swine flu pretty much the same as the regular seasonal flu (which kills 36,000 people every year, we all forget about that)...stay home, rest, lots of fluids. It's only if you have trouble breathing or exacerbated symptoms that they recommend you go in to see a doc. I found this reassuring.

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