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By lurkingforacure On 2009.09.02 18:21
Another controversial post, I know, but we should all be aware of this as it involves terminal illness, which much as I hate to admit it, PD is. The headlien of the article is bleak. Here's the link:

I realize Obama has "said" there won't be a public healthcare option but one thing I know by now is that nothing a president says is binding, it's what in the bills that are passed that counts. And even if there is no public option, with the reforms that will probably take place I do see this issue coming up. We should all be aware of it, and take a good look at how other countries deal with this, good and bad, and let our congressperson know.

By Newcaregiver On 2009.09.03 08:25
Lurking: I haven't read your enclosed article yet, but do want to say two things:

1. President Obama did not say he would remove the public option. He said he is open to discussion about removing it. Stay tuned, because he will be addressing Congress next Wednesday and it is surmised that he will say what he believes should be the healthcare plan as well as detailed information about what he would like to propose. I personally think a public option is needed. If no other reason, to instill some competition with the insurance companies. Also, remember, we are the only democratic country without public healthcare. I don't find a public option frightening at all as along as it is developed well.

2. Terminal illness: I may not be addressing this correctly since I haven't read your article, but my father passed away from alzheimer's. He was on hospice 3 times before he finally did pass away. Hospice was wonderful. If having an option to be thought of as "terminally ill" and have the resources to be cared for through Hospice is part of any healthcare plan - we should be for it. When people approach all of this from a "death panel" perspective, it gets all twisted up and sounds like people are being deemed "terminal" when, in fact, terminal patients are being deemed as worthy of hospice care. We must all die. I would like to be able to die with dignity. Prolonging life just to prolong life is not the way to go. does this make sense? Am I speaking correctly on the enclosure? (sorry, no time to read this right now, but I will!)

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