For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LOHENGR1N On 2009.09.12 00:35
Mea Culpa Mike,

The other night as I sat at the keyboard typing My next submission to the commentary section of this site. (I started filling in for My buddy Bob a few months ago.) I was telling of My adventure at the dental clinic. As I went on I had a V8 know the TV ads where they get slapped in the forehead for being slow or dumb and are told you could of had a V8. Or it might be called an epiphany but I'd say it was a V8 moment as it really wasn't a sudden intuitive realization. Anyhow as I typed...I'm only able to show My own one personal case of Parkinson's Disease as is each person with Parkinson's... I was struck with the realization I've been taking MJF to task in posts for doing likewise! In reality, that's the best and only thing He can do and remain true! To Himself, to Us, and to the search for a cure. This is how I ended My story up;

Before I close this up I feel I should address something. Over the past years I've been guilty of posting some remarks opposing or taking MJF to task on issues regarding Parkinson's Disease. I realize You're doing Your best and can only represent Parkinson's effects upon Yourself and loved one's. I don't know if MJF reads or visits this site or not. (or anyone close to Him) I apologize for being harsh. I can only touch at most several people at a time explaining and educating on Parkinson's Disease. You on the other hand touch millions through appearances on television, those viewers come away with a picture of the effects this disease has on You and Your family. I get frustrated and that frustration infuses itself in My writing I'm sorry for that. I applaud You for carrying the torch for Us in that very public arena. And hey, I'm located about midway between NYC and central Vermont, the coffee's always on, so if You ever want to stretch Your leg's midway on Your drive up or back feel free. That goes for anyone reading here too. If You're passing by the Berkshires in Western Mass look me up and we'll chat.
Remember be easy on Yourselves! Until next time .....

Well I just wanted to post this Mea Culpa and get it off my chest and on here where I've chastised. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

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