For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By dkleinert On 2009.09.16 00:37
Have any of your heard about using Trekking Poles and the DVD that teaches how to use them for mobility and balance? Long story how I came across this, but I ordered the regular DVD to show how to use Trekking Poles, thinking it might help my DH and that we could go walking, even if short walks for him, we could take our dogs and get outside - there is a great 20+ mile walking trail (mostly flat) near us. When the DVD arrived, there was a statement at the end from a man (looked to be about 45-50) who had been diagnosed with PD 5 years before. He told how the poles helped him regain his balance, his posture has improved and he feels a lot more confidence and loves being able to be outside. Anyway - my DH was excited and so was I. We went to their website: and found that there is an entire DVD dedicated to Mobility and Balance using Trekking Poles. I wrote to the author. She wrote back to me, and even called and talked to my DH yesterday. She told us to go to REI and let Joe handle the different grips and then she could tell him which ones to buy. She teaches on the west coast and has workshops there. We are on the east coast. She is coming to SC at Christmas and we will be meeting her in a park between here and there. Joe is so excited. He won't do a cane, but he is eager to use these poles. From what Jayah (one of the authors) told us, it helps people with PD (and MS, Arthritis, etc.) regain upper body strength as well as it helps straighten their posture - and it is fun and healthy walking outside. We are eager for the Mobility and Balance DVD to arrive. Check it out! There are testimonials on the website from people with physical problems - one lady had not been out of her wheelchair in 8 years and is now walking and working in her garden again!! Anyway - wanted you to be the first to hear about this! Hugs to all.

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