For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By overwhelmedinFL On 2009.09.16 14:54
1. Do you have any for your loved ones and if so please share how you found the best deal.

2. Would Medicare ever cover any of it? I doubt it, but I would be so happy if they did.

The places we are movign parents to are soo small that they will need twin beds. They have not slept together in years but they currently both have king beds. I was thinking that 2 adjustable twin beds would be helpful for when they read in bed, watch TV etc.

Mom used to use a "husband" pillow, the kid you situp and read with but it weighs a ton and she cannot manage it anymore. She often wakes in the middle of the night and reads to try to get back to sleep.

Thanks in advance.

By caregivermary On 2009.09.16 15:40
Medicare will partially pay for a hospital bed that has controls to change positions on bed. I think it is an 80/20 pay.

By Pearly4 On 2009.09.16 18:47
I'd recommend renting first -- my mother bought hers and then couldn't manage the controls. They're higher than regular beds also, even the more expensive ones that aren't true hospital beds. Made it hard for her to get in and out because she was small. Mattress was extra long twin length to allow for the "bend" when in upright position so it took up more room too.

Not worth the money - it moved to the basement within six months.

By annwood On 2009.09.16 20:15
I agree with Pearly4. We had a hospital bed for my husband and it was very uncomfortable.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2009.09.17 10:23
Interesting. Thank you. My mom is only 5'2" and height is an issue with beds.

What about my stepdad..He is over 6' so don't you think he will NEED an XL twin?

Maybe we will start with regular twin beds then.

Thanks all.

By lurkingforacure On 2009.09.17 11:57
Just my two cents but I would try Craigslist for things like this. We have found lots of items for our kids and I even sold stuff on there, it is great. I have even seen those pricey Temperpeudic beds on there (but one must wonder, if they are so great, why is it for sale?....). There are a lot of folks downsizing and they are getting rid of things they don't need, including beds that have been sitting in their guest bedrooms for years, with little to no use.

Also, mattress stores are really hurting now in this economy and they are having huge sales. They also always have discontinued models in the back. I got my mom a fabulous Simmons mismatched set recently and we saved a ton. If you don't care about what it looks like under the sheets, which we didn't, you can get a very nice bed at a very good price. Just do the research, test it a good while, and be sure you are getting a solid bed: on the beds in the back, you buy it as-is and can't return it.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2009.09.17 12:36
I don't mind slightly used as long as it is not soiled obviously and possibly not stored outside.. Down here in FL it would freak me out if it was in a hot storage unit.

I will look around. Thanks.

By Pearly4 On 2009.09.17 18:02
The extra long might be more comfortable but ever slept on a folding couch? Folding couches and folding beds have a lot of the same problems. My mother was 5 foot 2 also -- she had to use a small footstool to get into bed or if she tried sitting on the edge, she'd slide right off!

Sudden thought -- maybe regular beds and two regular fold out chairs in another room? Again, the controls for the raising chairs are difficult for some to master, but a lot of people find sitting up in the chair sleeping far more comfortable than laying in bed.

By lynn On 2009.09.17 21:37
Today we went to Lazyboy and checked out a recliner- lift chair. My husband was thrilled with it. they have many to choose from and the one we're getting is small. The remote has 2 buttons;one for recline and the other for lift. He could operate it and I think he will spend more time in it than his bed. He complained so much about the hospital bed when he was in the hospital I would not buy one for home. In addition to PD, he's now a real spoiled baby.

By Joe Vosters On 2014.11.18 23:51

By moonswife On 2014.11.19 09:36
We went a slightly different way. We bought the I comfort adjustable beds in XL Twin. Keep them pushed side by side with a King comforter over both. If we need to have a caregiver we can separate them and put one against the wall. The controls are very easy to use, and have the added feature of massage setting, which he likes when his dystonia rears it's ugly head. Also, I use a waterproof mattress pad on his and not on mine. Every once in a while I will find him stretched out across the foot of both beds, sound asleep. Memory foam does that to you.

By Freespirit On 2014.11.20 11:59
My husband is having a difficult time getting in and out of bed as his PD progresses. He can't pull his legs up into the bed very easily, and the bed is actually quite low. We also have a LazyBoy lift chair out in the living room which he utlilizes quite a bit. Having his head/torso elevated does help with his breathing/shortness of breath. The control unit is a simple up/down mechanism, but he still can have difficulty with it in the middle of the night at times. I'm going with what works for now, but with the realization that the time may come when we'll have need for a hospital bed. My husband, however, hates them, so it probably won't be until he is completely immobile, and only because of the elevation it provides.

By trapper On 2014.11.20 17:45
I live in Manitoba Canada and my wife has had a Lift Chair for quite some time but Home Care Department gave her a hospital Bed (on Loan) to use instead.
As, the lift Chairs can reportedly cause bed-sores?
She uses the Hospital Bed plus a Pole attached to Ceiling --- I believe we had to purchase the Pole and have someone install it. The use of these two things help my wife get in and out of bed.

By moonswife On 2014.11.21 08:55
One more terrific find yesterday to use with the I Comfort adjustable bed. Opened a gift I intended to hold until the holiday and boy am I glad. It is an apparatus I found at Gold Violin catalog called a BED CANE. It unfolds to slide under mattress and has a handle sturdy enough that the big 270 lb guy can use to stand up with. If swinging legs over the top of it to get into bed is a problem, it pulls straight up and out of the way. Says you can use that part as a cane to walk away from the bed if you cannot reach your cane. Excellent design.

By carman96 On 2014.11.21 09:53
The original post for this thread is from 2009, from someone who is no longer in the group. It was brought to the top by that guy who is trying to sell us beds. His post was deleted.
It's not a bad discussion, it's just that the original poster is long gone.

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