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By mylove On 2009.09.20 11:16
Ok... so I'm taking my usual Sunday morning stroll throught the interwebz and find this fun little slideshow about the 'bathrooms of the future'. One of the slides featured this TOTO S400 Washlet. The things this thing does are amazing! I called my DH over to to see it to share a laugh, but we found ourselves going through the product list thinking "Hmmm... it washes, dries, lifts and lowers the seat automatically, has a heated seat, and self cleans.... Is any of this a BAD idea??"

Of course the first thought is that ... OK... who DOESN'T want to be as clean as they can be? And there are a few practical considerations that I won't even go into here. So, has anyone ever used a bidet? And I know that many of you have family members who are far beyond the using-the-bathroom-by-themselves stage, but for those of us who aren't there yet?

Bottom line: has anyone used one? Found it useful? Not useful? If you didn't have to consider cost, would you use one?

By annwood On 2009.09.20 16:55
I didn't have one for my husband but what a great idea. They are pretty standard in European bathrooms and when I have used them there they were wonderful. It does not replace a toilet so you are talking quite a bit of extra space in the bathroom.

By mylove On 2009.09.20 21:06
That's what's great about this one! It DOES. It's a toilet/bidet combo. You either get the (admittedly spendy) all in one model, or you can retrofit your existing commode. I am definitely in love. LOL (See how low your standards can get when you can get excited over a toilet!)

If you have a broad minded sense of humor (and don't mind a few anglo-saxon descriptory words), check out one reviewer's take on the TOTO model.

(see the link below - click on "Review of my new Toto Jasmine Bidet Seat") Sorry I couldn't get the direct link to work.

Hilariously funny, but I have to agree. We may just be looking into this item as the next thing on our wish list. Practical, AND comfy.

By WitsEnd On 2009.09.21 13:03 I'm an HGTV junkie....but I was watching House Hunters International and kept seeing those bidets and wishing I had thought about putting one in my house. Didn't know about the two in one combo......although I wouldn't take anything for the sprayer I put on the shower. Not sure what I did before I had that.

The Japanese also have digital/electronic showers....

....I am feeling SO behind the times! :)

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