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By Ilovemydog On 2009.09.22 08:44
My Dad is complaining of severe leg pain, so much that he says he cannot walk at times. He does have a therapist a few times a week. He is stubborn and will try and walk. He falls many times during the day. His doctor has said this is just the progession of the disease. Has anyone else had these problems?

By kuttlewis On 2009.09.22 08:51
John has leg pains too, usually towards the end of his medication cycle. He gets a lot of relief if I lift the leg and shake it a bit. It's like a huge cramp, so any change in position, like stomping, will help.

By annwood On 2009.09.22 09:17
My husband also has leg pain which he described a a "charlie horse". I would have him lie flat on the bed and massage the leg - you could feel the "knotted muscles". Good luck.

By LOHENGR1N On 2009.09.22 16:21
Ilovemydog, As the Doctor stated, it comes with the Disease. However the Doctor should have left the "just" out of their statement! I too endure leg/foot cramping. The word "just" trivializes a problem that in no way is trivial! At times I'll get hit with foot and legs cramps that make me wonder if some invisible UFC fighter has applied some hold on me as I flail my arms about "tapping out" on the chair or couch! Straining to reach the afflicted limb to massage or try to put weight on it to relieve the intense pain! A charley horse is a fair description. My Neuro prescribed muscle relaxants which help a little. Unfortunately other than massage or rubbing the muscles (putting weight or pressure on them while sitting) or trying muscle relaxing med's there isn't much We can do at the present time. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

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