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By karolinakitty On 2009.09.25 21:54
Got the call from Movement Disorder Clinic today...the head neuro will see Jim..Bad news he can't see him until January 6th, however, if there is a cancellation, we're there....... If the meds stay stabilized as they have for the past week that's great.. we may make it. I hate to go back to the other neuro for a change in meds after all the "luck" i've had with his nurse but we may have to.

Disability also had him take this memory/concentration test this week with a psychologist. Poor guy was so tired after the first hour you could tell he was drained, then after the second hour and a half he was down right out of it. The doc thanked him for really trying hard, i guess he saw it in his body language. We won't get the results of that for 30 days. Don't know why it takes so long. Maybe it's reading into what the person actually says back to the doc. From what jim remembered the doc would tell a story then Jim would have to tell him the story back. He did words that way too. Jim says he showed him like 4 pictures, then showed him lots of pictures and asked him to point out the ones he saw originally...Don't even know if i could do that one.....He asked a bunch of personnal questions at the beginning like....did you ever do drugs or alchohol..were you ever abused...have you ever had any mental disorders...that kind of personnal stuff .. i sometimes wonder if docs just have a curious nature.....

By overwhelmedinFL On 2009.09.27 22:12
I am glad you got Jim into that clinic, I hope they get him in sooner than January.

That memory test...sounds like what I took my mom to this summer at the Movement and Disorder clinic in fgainesville. It was a LONG day. I want to say we were interviewed together for an hour about her history...then they did that testing with her and it took about 3 or so hours more after that. She was exhuasted by the time we were done. They told us to come back 90 days later for the sister took my mom to the followup and they never talked about the test..grrrrrr

hopeing when I move her this month those results are in her charts/records that we transfer.

<<fingers crossed for Jim to get in soon>>

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