For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Pick On 2009.09.29 21:47
Hey folks it's been awhile hope you are all as well as can be expected.

Anybody have any experience, references, thoughts, etc. on this topic? My dad's physiatrist has suggested we go out of state for 2 weeks to get acupuncture treatments that are supposed to relieve pain and PD symptoms. Yeah it sounds snake oily to me too but this physiatrist is a good doctor.....well respected, in practice for many years with good outcomes, good reputation (I'm nosy and ask around), treating my dad for years, etc.

All opinions welcome! Thanks!


By annwood On 2009.09.29 22:26
My husband tried acupuncture and it did absolutely nothing. In all fairness we were told by the the physician doing it that there was no evidence that it had any effect on PD. This man was very good - a Chinese MD who originally was a surgeon and later returned to China to study acupuncture. He saved me from back surgery. I would Google it and see if there are any new studies that have been done.

Pick, good to hear from you again. Don't stay away so long.

By lurkingforacure On 2009.09.29 22:32
Hi Pick, nice to have you back. I don't know about acupuncture but I can tell you that on another forum a PDer went to Europe to have permanent ear implants put in and she swears it has helped her. I have also read of a couple reputable PDers who have physically travelled to aruveydic clinics, here and abroad, for the two week "cleansing" and they say it helped as well. The trick is continuing to live like that once back home, which is pretty much impossible (healthy food prepared for you several times a day, no stress or worries, everything taken care I said, not real life at all! But they felt great while there!!)

Snake oil abounds in this area as we know but all of the PDers I mention above I respect and they do their homework. I think a lot of this depends on where one is in the disease stage.

By Pick On 2009.10.01 00:21
thanks for the replies my friends. I've been googling it a bit and haven't found anything to get too excited about. I'm sure it wouldn't be cheap (or covered by Medicare) either.

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