For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By annwood On 2009.10.05 11:37
I found this good article on dementia that you may want to read. As you know getting things in order is one of my priorities in dealing with PD.

"Financial skills can erode before dementia is even suspected" by Tom Barlow

By karolinakitty On 2009.10.07 08:34
thanx for the article annwood ..... that was the first thing Jim handed over to me several years ago .... he just couldn't do it anymore..keep the checkbook and paying bills that is ..... Of course we brushed off all the early signs as his head injury symptoms or "post concussive syndrome" as they now call it. We never put the two together i guess the biggest thing that threw us off with Jim was his tremors, even now, they are not that bad. It seemed with him everything else came full blast but the tremors only seem to appear several hours before his next dosage. Thanx again ....

By annwood On 2009.10.07 08:56
You are welcome - I just found it interesting.

As you know, some PD people have no or very few tremors. Sounds like that is the case with Jim. My husband also turned all of the finances over to me because he said he was too tired and his writing had become poor. In retrospect I believe at that point he knew his mind was no longer able to do it. I remember at the time thinking it was strange because money was his control and why would he ever turn it over to me. I think that was the early sign of his dementia.

By susger8 On 2009.10.07 12:31
If someone I know is wondering if their relative is starting to need help, I always tell them to look for unpaid bills, unpaid taxes, and mail all over the house. I've seen this often, and not only with my father.


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