For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Tecolote On 2009.10.10 17:59
My husband began drinking at 14 and quit 20 years ago when he was 40. At the time he relied heavily on the teachings and support of AA. I met him a year after he became sober and learned everything I know about alcoholism from his explanations. After about five years he stopped attending meetings, but never drank again until about three months ago. He said he did it because his PD anxiety has become unbearable. He has not gotten drunk, has never had more than two drinks at a time, and has done that only about three times. However, I have told him I will not tolerate it and made it a condition of my continued caregiving that he return to AA. My reasoning was that I could face his PD but could not face practicing alcoholism, as he had described it to me. We were traveling at the time of my ultimatum and he said he would attend when we returned home. When we did return home he said he no longer wanted to attend and I refused to take care of him for a half day until he relented. The next meeting is in two days. His anxiety and confusion have greatly increased over the last few months. I read on these pages that it is not reasonable for me to expect him to keep commitments. Does giving ultimatums make any sense with someone who is sometimes very disoriented? Any ideas on how to handle this?

By karolinakitty On 2009.10.10 20:09
This is my Jim's point of view, he's the PDer in the household...
As an ex drunk himself, 6 years, soon to be 7, sober..he never went to one AA meeting or did any steps or any of that stuff...doesn't believe in it... However, he did go in for detox.

He feels, if you are the caregiver, and depending on his advancement in PD, not so much responsible for his actions, then You should keep the stuff away and refuse to buy it or have it in the's too hard for an ex-drinker to take that one sip and not quit again..

As for me, i say the same with an add on....i don't even allow guests to have alcohol in my house.....try asking his doc for some anxiety meds. I know others can chime in here as what they are, but i know there are some that PD patients can take....

By annwood On 2009.10.10 20:30
Yes, you have all of the power here. Do not keep any alcholol in the house. Once an acoholic always and alcoholic - he knows that. Two drinks is two drinks too many. The alcohol does not mix well with the PD meds. Tell his physician. DO NOT BECOME AN ENABLER. If he is confused he should not be driving so I would make certain that he doesn't. This will be hard but stick to your guns. Putting alcohol on top of PD makes for dangerous driving!!! This is certainly the tim for tough love.

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