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By karolinakitty On 2009.10.21 07:52
Just an observation ...

On the news, it seems all we hear about are the young deaths to swine flu and how it seems the younger generation is having more of a problem with coping with this flu than us older folks. Well, it's not medical, because i'm not in health care, but here's my take on it.

Not so much my children, ranging from 20 -30 years old, but those younger, seem to be having a tough time with swine flu. Could it possibly be that fact that they have been fed so many antibiotics that their immune systems are very low?

I personally am not a drug taker, of any kind.....
If i have a headache i don't run to the asprin bottle. I let it cruise for awhile until i see how bad it gets. Now i had an issue with migraines, and the doc gave me immetrx years ago but have not needed it for almost 4 years. I watch the diet thing and triggers. If i get a cold i use over the counter. I did the same for my children growing up. I did not run to the docs everytime they sneezed or coughed. The oldest and the youngest, both had ear infections but dealt with them as a need to go to doc basis. I had some of grandmas home remedies, which worked, if they didn't in a few days than the doc was next.

I think we have deteriorated our youths immune systems by feeding them more and more antibiotics so now they have little resistence to things. I know several of my sons friends children who are on such high doses of antibiotics it's crazy.
Have we medicated the kids to the point where soon there will be no antibodies to fight anything? This is scary....
Even with PD we know that there is a limit to how strong the drugs can get and their capacity to work. I think the same goes for most meds. If we keep feeding our bodies strong doses of drugs, we will eventually lose our bodies own natural fighting system.
To be honest with ya'll...if i take 2 ibuprofren, you might as well say goodnight to me.... Due to the fact i don't medicate myself, even over the counter drugs knock me out...... I have had surgeries and been given the morphine pump for pain. The doc actually yelled at me and told me to use it more. He thought i was worried about addiction but i wasn't.. i just didn't need that strong of a drug to eleviate the pain....
Could giving the kids a seasonal flu shot year after year contribute to the fact that they can not fight this swine flu? Could the over use of antibiotics in general be killing the natural antibodies to fight off anything?

Just my thoughts .... and my opinion .... but it sounds like it......

By WitsEnd On 2009.10.30 08:58
Well I did find out one benefit of being older. They said on the news that people born before 1960 probably had some natural immunities. Aside from wisdom, it seems this is a spot where living a long time and being exposed to things has its advantages.

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