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By Emma On 2009.10.22 07:33
OK, here's a topic that I haven't seen on this board before. And, surprise, I don't think it's controversial!

This probably seems silly but it's become a big issue at our house:

We have hardwood flooring in our house, except for the bathrooms which are tile and my husbands bedroom, which is carpeted. Since getting the U-step walker our hardwood floors are seriously scuffed up. It appears that this happens when he uses the brakes. Personally, it doesn't bother me, I've accepted the fact that our house is now about function, not appearance. However, my husband is distressed about it and wants to sue the maker of the U-step and/or the flooring (yea, right). He also wants to either refinish or replace the floor. I don't see any point in spending thousands of dollars for what I think is an exercise in futility. Because he shuffles, the carpet in the bedroom also has a worn, very dirty looking path where he walks. It's been cleaned numerous times to no avail. I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with flooring issues and has any ideas. If we did replace the floors I would obviously want something that would be safe and easy to navigate with a walker.

By susger8 On 2009.10.22 08:15
My dad originally had off-white high pile carpet in his home -- not only did it get filthy, but he kept tripping on the carpet. I replaced it with a tweedy, grayish low-pile carpet. It's working out okay -- the walker works, the carpet doesn't trip him, it's softer when he falls than landing on hardwood or Pergo. It is also getting pretty dirty, though, in spite of my having cleaned it with my shampooer. Dad has a tendency to doze off while holding food or drinks, which of course end up on the floor.

I know Pergo/laminate is used by many people who use walkers or wheelchairs. It's quite durable. Harder to land on than carpet, of course. It can be laid as a "floating" installation, so you could actually put it over the hardwood without damaging the original floor.


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