For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By in-faith On 2009.11.13 13:49
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help with medication when you don't live with the person. My MIL needs to take medication 5x a day. We do her pills a week at a time, but can't find any boxes with five or more slots. So what I do is use two weekly containers with 4 slots each. Also, she doesn't take her meds on time - she takes them whenever they end up eating, and often forgets the afternoon pill altogether. I have found a timer on the internet that has 6 alarms and was going to order that. Any thoughts?

By Pearly4 On 2009.11.13 16:26
We found timed dispensors -- bell rings at preset times, inside tray rotates, pills are available and bell turns off when dispenser is turned over to put pills into hand. We actually ended up buying two because the intervals became too frequent for the first. They weren't cheap - about $250 but we used them for 5 or more years, still have them and they still work. There are other more expensive units or timers to set that can be worn or carried separate from the pill dispensors. Try for a look-see.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2009.11.14 22:33
Timex medication manager, I bought it on for less than 40.00

It handles 4x a day meds plus to BP checks. What i do it is set the first 4 reminders for my moms 7,11,3,7 meds and then the 1st BP alarm I set for 11pm for her last dosage at night. Since mom's last dosage will not fit in the med manager I have a regular Sunday thru Saturday 1x a day pill box on her nightside table because she takes it before bed.

The med manager is a little computer/clock thing that you program the times and it beeps when they ahve to take meds. If they wait to long to silence the alarm it shows a missed pill and it does track hisotry.

I fill my mom's meds once a month to save time and keep them in the 4x a day containers from walmart. Then once a week I put them into the special med manager containers.

Great mom has used it for years.

By in-faith On 2009.11.18 17:03
Thanks for your suggestions.

By dkleinert On 2009.11.19 01:08
Great suggestions about pill managers......never heard of My husband so needs this. Will be going there after this post. THANK YOU!!!

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