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By karolinakitty On 2009.11.18 17:03
If i could just vent today ...
I am so angry at my man's neuro's nurse i could just spit fire...
I don't know what it is with her but it seems like she's always messin us up.
All through this last year when we started going to this neuro, when it's time for a med increase, testing and general stuff she never returns my call.
Of course these days you can't talk to the doctor, no phone consultations. So i must go through her. She is his only nurse, and i have complained time and again about her. There are several neuros in the office but we see only the one.
over a week ago when i got his script, he had only enough left for 10 days. I called the office to let her know. Left all the info and after 2 trips to town (20 miles) i started calling the pharmacy after 4 days i called and left her another message, and this continued until today when i finally had it up to here with her. I called the office manager and complained again, and how i needed that script today, she said she would call it in. Not 5 minutes after i talked to her this murse calls me back and stated that she did return my call and talked to someone and told them to call the office because the chart said he was on 3mg and i said 4 mg.
Well when i explained to her that she called MY cell phone and I'M the only one who talks on it. and I did not get any such call she got huffy and said "well i talked to someone and YOU didn't call back". She did have the right phone number cause she read it off to me.Then i let her have it with the fact that she is dealing with someones life here and to lie about calling wasn't helping her cause. If he would miss several doses of Requip he could have some real problems and she had better pay closer attention to who she is calling and leaving messages with.
Again this isn't my first encounter with her not returning calls. Several times when he needed increases it took her a week of me calling before she finally called one in.
Voc Rehab, who he went through because of disability was willing to get him a PSG (sleep study) cause doc wanted to see if he had sleep apnea also, decided to close his case early and wanted to know if doc still wanted the test. After calling and leaving her many mesages, and Voc Rehab calling and leaving her messages, we got NO return call so they closed his case and we never got the study done. I'm not sure if the doc even knows this, but i can't set up an appointment to holler at him about his nurse. Too far away and too much money for that being the only reason.
Ok ... I'm done .... we have an appointment with a movement disorder clinic in Charleston come January...Lord i hope things are better there... It isn't enough that we as caregivers have all we have to do, then we have these unnecessary evils get in our way.

By annwood On 2009.11.18 22:30
I can sense your frustration and feel that it is justified. Sounds as if this gal is on a power trip and perhaps a little bit lazy to boot. I would write a formal letter and mail it to the office manager as well as the physician. You are probably not the only person this is happening to in that office but if people don't complain nothing will be done. A letter should go into her file. I think many people are just afraid to do this for fear it will make the physician angry. If you really want to scare them send the letter certified mail which will require a signature. I would write about the fact that you as a caregiver have a great deal on your mind and that she is playing with your husband's health. Good luck - you can always vent here. Start keeping a log of dates and times. Documentation is everything.

I always found that the pharmacist could get the prescription filled faster. They merely fax a request to the office and the office faxes it back. Get on good terms with the pharmacist.

By karolinakitty On 2009.11.19 06:45
Annwood... thanx so much ...A letter will go out today.... just getting friendly with the's a small local pharmacy that even makes deliveries if you have no way to get into town..found that out this week....
Started a log after the first two times she messed us up... i'm a great believer in getting peoples names dates and times when i call or talk to someone....

By anidaholady On 2009.11.19 07:19
You could also file a complaint with your state board of nursing if you want/need to do so. Online website gives info on how to do so.

By Mary On 2009.11.19 12:57
I agree, a letter should definitely be written and hopefully your doctor will replace this nurse. Her behavior is unexcusable!

I also agree that the pharmacist can just fax a request for a refill to your doctor. My Dad's pharmacist did it that way and we usually had smooth sailing; however, occasionally I had to make a call.

Hugs and blessings, Mary

By WitsEnd On 2009.11.19 16:24
Fax is good.

As for the other--log it. If the doctor's office has a web site and there's an e-mail address (a lot have that now), every time you call also send an e-mail detailing the date, time, reason for call, and who you called. If there are multiple e-mail addresses on the site--copy them all.

When you call and have to leave a message--don't leave it on an answering machine or voice mail. Talk to a live person and insist they take the message. Before you hang up, get that person's name, title, and confirm the date and time of the call and ask them to confirm who will be calling you back. Ask if the person you are trying to reach is in the office, when you might expect a return phone call, etc. Write this information down.

If you have to call back because they don't return the call, repeat what you logged so they know you are logging it and ask for the person who took the message or the office manager. Include that you will be logging the calls in the letter you write to the doctor.

If she doesn't return you call, call back and ask for the doctor to call you. Tell them you only want to the doctor, the date and times you have called, who you talked to and that you haven't received a return phone call yet. Let them know you are documenting them.

Good luck.

By karolinakitty On 2009.11.20 13:31
Thanx everyone... I'm sending off the letter to the doctor today i explained my issues, gave him the dates and times i called, the fact that we lost the PSG test because of her, and that she lied about talking to someone this time when i'm the only one she possibly could have talked to. I'll talk to the pharmacist next time round. They gave me 6 months worth of script but you know how things can change. I'm really hoping we run into better luck at the Movement Clinic. I don't want to file a complaint with the nursing board at this time. I'd like to see if the doc takes action.

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